I had to share with you my Awesome Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes..


Jun 21, 2006
I found these babies on sale in chesnut and black, the chestnut color arrived today, I have to tell you that these shoes are amazing, so simple and comfy yet fashionable, the color is a gorgeous dark honey, ladies they are on sale at Marc Jacobs stores and couple places online, I purchased mine at Eluxury and Jildor shoes, both on sale.
here my babies and btw I know you girls will understand my excitement.

You know, I didn't love those shoes before, just sitting there the shape looked weird to me, but wow, they are really flattering on!!

This is so funny:yes: I didn't love them either, but I saw pics and read reviews from couple girls in another chat room and they looked amazing, I am glad I found them on sale,
they are really great shoes.