I had to share with you my Awesome Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes..

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  1. I found these babies on sale in chesnut and black, the chestnut color arrived today, I have to tell you that these shoes are amazing, so simple and comfy yet fashionable, the color is a gorgeous dark honey, ladies they are on sale at Marc Jacobs stores and couple places online, I purchased mine at Eluxury and Jildor shoes, both on sale.
    here my babies and btw I know you girls will understand my excitement.
  2. Those look marvelous on you! that honey color is TDF!!!!
    How much is the sale price?
  3. Thanks, 50% off.
  4. Gone from both sites - still looking
  5. very cute! they look comfy too!
  6. Wow, they're gorgeous! Congrats!
  7. i love them, great purchase.
  8. they are really cute!:love:
  9. You know, I didn't love those shoes before, just sitting there the shape looked weird to me, but wow, they are really flattering on!!
  10. I'm not normally into wedge shoes but those especially their color look hot!
  11. I have the black ones but those honey colored ones look gorgeous!!
  12. Cute shoes!!
  13. They look great on you.
  14. They are lovely! Congrats!
  15. This is so funny:yes: I didn't love them either, but I saw pics and read reviews from couple girls in another chat room and they looked amazing, I am glad I found them on sale,
    they are really great shoes.