I had to send her off i'm so sad :(

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  1. Well I had to take my Poppy Floral Graffiti Glam Tote to be sent off for repair today. I hated doing it because my kids got if for me for my birthday. The silver on both straps were coming off and the stitching was coming loose on the straps. I'm glad the store waived the $20 shipping for me. The SA said eventually silver on leather will will wear from use, but not this soon. I got the purse in June so it hasn't been that long. This is my first Coach bag to send for repair. Has anybody else had problems with this bag?
  2. I'm sorry to hear about your bag. It sucks more because it's a gift from your children. I just hope it gets fixed. Good luck.
  3. i havent,but read alot of posts about metallic. it does not hold up well at all. im sorry i hope you are able to get your bag fixed or replaced.
  4. Metallics are known to be more delicate than regular leather. The poppy line is a lower price point as well.
  5. I got a letter today from Coach about my Poppy Floral Graffitti. They are giving me credit for original price plus tax. At the bottom it says I can't use the credit with any other discount offer?? Does this mean they won't let me use it during PCE?
  6. Yes. You can only get another bag at a full price.
  7. I know people use the 40% off letter with 25% off pce that's why I was wondering.
  8. I'm sorry you had to send her back! I'm glad they are giving you credit for a new bag though.
  9. hmm never heard of anyone using the 40% off and pce discount... but i know you are able to go to the outlet if u wish and purchase a bag there. i hope you find a new love that will hold up better!