i had to sell my soul for this ~ lol!.............it's the elusive red & it's TDF !!!

  1. it's not the greatest of pics but atleast it should clear up a lot of the confusion ~ not least some of the mis~comms i have received & posted here :shame: ~ i am still getting mixed info on who has ordered it in the UK & in what sizes ~ so i'm not even going to go there! ~ all i will say is that a few have already been sold here in london :nuts: ~ so hopefully atleast one lucky owner will be a tpfr & if you are out there ~ please post pics as quickly as poss!!! ~ :flowers:
    metallic red reissue.jpg

  3. That is gorgeous!!! :love:

    Do you know if that is the metallic red or the dark red? :flowers:
  4. Wow Viki, you're the best!!!
  5. Haha Mon, try to breathe!! :upsidedown::roflmfao:
  6. wahhh it's a pretty shade of wine red that glimmers.. :drool: if only it's not in metallic leather, i'd scramble off to really sell my soul for it LOL
  7. nice work smooth! ~ what a team! :lol:
  8. Oh, V! Where did you get this pic?:drool:
  9. Wow, I love the color... and usually I'm not a fan of the red flaps that everyone is chasing after! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Wow!! As a mere Chanel mortal, there is no way I can get my hands on one I am sure, but so gorgeous. Aahh--for a more exansive production and silver h/w!
  11. there is only one *dark red reissue* & this is it! ~ :nuts: ~ it's sooooo gorgeous! woo hoo!
  12. Wow, that's beautiful! If only we could all have a lovely metallic reissue library at home! One can only dream!

  13. Thank you!!! :smile: Now I really want one - I'm going to have to give hubby my credit cards soon to stop my Chanel frenzy! :shame:
  14. Very pretty!! Thanks for the pic!
  15. LOVE IT!:nuts::nuts:
    Who in the states is carrying that bag?