I had to Scratch my LV Itch!!!(Broke my Ban)!!!

  1. Ooops I broke my Ban I couldn't resist and just whent into Saks today and Scratched my LV itch with a new 4 key Holder in Damier:wlae:
    it matches perfectlly with my mini Pochette and my SA also showed my the Damier Soho:drool: and it was gorgeous it almost came home with me but I must resist:sad: I have to save to get my Hermes HAC! and also let me share with you my new coach shoes aren't they purrdy:love: well im defenetlly Sofa Queen Baned that is untill I Visit Hermes again:graucho:
    hope you like...




  2. HOT!! i love the key holder! CONGRATS!
  3. Love everything! I want an HAC too- I'll be able to afford one in about 10 years :roflmfao:
  4. Thanx, im Literally Dying for a HAC I can't wait...
  5. congrats :smile:
  6. Thanx Couture_Girl and Glamourette I been wanting one for my keys so bad since they scratch my celly and cam when they on my bags...
  7. Dont feel bad...I recently broke my ban as well! lol..
  8. Congrats! The key holder is great. I decided to buy one when my keys tore a hole in my jacket pocket. Love the mini pochette too! I am looking to get one soon...
  9. Congrats...and we have all broken a ban at one time or another.
  10. So Sexy!

    I love it all!
  11. Congrats latin!

    Is that the Valentine catalog in your pics?
  12. Thanx blue996 socalgrl86 and ILOVEPURSES get the Mini Pochette it's great! and I don't feel so bad about breaking this Ban im just glad it didn't do SEVERE damage:rolleyes:
  13. Congrats!!! Great pics and lovely pieces:love:
  14. yeah it's the catalogue it haas all the new pomme stuff:love:
  15. congrats