I had to relocate my bag collection...

  1. My building is undergoing a facelift and the windows in each apartment are going to be replaced. Since I didn't want to leave my mostly-LV collection home alone while at work, I had to bag it all up and send it home with my folks. My closet looks painfully empty, but it's the best precaution to take to guard against theft or damage. I'm left with two LV accessories, 1 Longchamp tote and 2 Coach purses.

    None of my friends understand my pain, but I figured you guys would! The renovation is expected to take two months and I won't be seeing my babies except for when I visit my folks.

    I have to tell my mom to take my babies out of the plastic bags, but then my PHD (purse hating dad) might see my collection and faint..what to do?
  2. I feel your pain. My house recently was burglarized and all of of my LV's, Chanel's and Coaches were thrown around and gone through. Thankfully though none were stolen or damaged. When the police came to fingerprint and go through the stolen belongings, they asked what in the house had the most monetary value to which I replied my handbags. The lead detective looked at me and said (and I quote) "you can get these bags on Canal Street in NYC". I almost fainted and he said "what, that's where I buy my girlfriend's bags". I then turned and looked straight at him and said "and that is why we will never date."
  3. ^^I'm so sorry that happened to you- thank goodness your collection is intact. That officer should have kept his mouth shut, though.

  4. Wooo HOOOO!!!!:tup:
  5. Moving your purses sucks. I'm on my way back to FAI after my summertime visit with my folks---- I'm tempted to just mail them individually and insure the heck outta them b/c if my PHH (purse hating husband) finds them not only will he faint but he'll probably use them for target practice.... just kidding, but you know what I mean.......

    what I probably would have done was put them in a storage place and then buy renter's insurance, then I'd have access to them whenever to air them out.
  6. Stay strong. It is for their own good so they will be safe.
  7. That would be a tough thing..... but think about the renovation & how you will be able to enjoy the bags again, not to mention new windows.
  8. I am sorry for your misfortune! I hope there was minimal damage. I am also glad you are safe! I cannot believe a police officer admitted to purchasing counterfit bags...
  9. thats hilarious!!! good one! :roflmfao:
  10. I had to laugh really hard about what that guy said (although I can imagine how you felt! :o) But your comment is hilarious!