I had to let him go...

  1. if you recall, i was having issues with my friend's gf who emailed me behind his back. well...2 weeks later, it turns out that the gf told my other friend who just got married. he then decided to copy and paste my blog and email to her (my myspace is set to private, so only my "friends" can see it). gf then decided to email it to my friend.

    And in the end, i had to let him go b/c i didn't want to put him in the situation of him having to choose. And as much as it hurts, and as i sit here and cry, i know i had to do the right thing. Even if that meant me losing him, i just want him to be happy and not put him in this awkward situation, which is the reason why i decided to keep the emails b/w her and i....

    i guess i'm just wondering if anyone has gone through this and if you can give me advice. i think this was worse than when i broke up with the bf seeing as how we have been friends for more than 10 years.

    Oh, and here is the blog that I posted. Unless you knew what i was talking about, you would have no idea what i was referring to, right?

    A recent situation has brought light into the type of person I was and who I am becoming. Although I would love to put this person in their place and give them a beat down, I realized that as hard as it may be, I have to do what's right.

    Yes, it took a toll on me, and in some cases, it has even made me second guess myself, but i realized I need to become the woman that I have been avoiding...Responsible, mature, and accountable for all of my actions, both positive and negative.

    I just hope and pray that this does not come back to ruin anything.