I had to laugh, Fake LV and Elmo.

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  1. That's a strange combo! :confused1:
  2. heh i'd get it for the tmx elmo. thye're sold out everywhere =[
  3. ^
    Yes... I heard about it too..

    The dust bag of mono pochette looks so weird.

  4. wow! my daughter is gaga over her Elmo TMX, as you can obviously see!

    We got ours early.....
  5. I saw this, lol!!!! My daughter has two of them and we had another one but sold it on ebay, sometimes its good when your parents are from a small town!
  6. omg i saw fake alma today, and the vachetta was GRAY! EWWW!
  7. That poor Elmo :sad: ........:roflmfao:
  8. Lol. I'd buy it for Elmo and burn the bag. But I got my Elmo awhile ago so I don't have to haha.
    I LOVE this little guy..he's adorable.
  9. dammm they pulled the auction
  10. That sucks! I wanted to see! :confused1: