I had to have them!!!

  1. Too cute! I've been looking at those cards for at least a year!

    Are you actually going to play with them?
  2. WOW. Can't wait to see them
  3. So cute!!! Enjoy!!
  4. This was the first time I saw inside! Murakami characters are my fave (look at my showcase) I might mount one set between two sheets of plexiglass and hang it on my glass room divider. eee!:heart:
  5. They are Great!!!:heart: :heart:
  6. I think the winning bidder is a PF member!
  7. Absolutely beautiful! Enjoy!
  8. THOSE ARE GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  9. LOVE them!!!!:heart:
  10. i love it! they are too cute :smile:
  11. they are so nice.
  12. Very very pretty! I think I've only seen one other member with those.
  13. Beautiful!
  14. I think ZooMom was the one who once posted pics of her set of playing cards. They are fabulous. I don't know if I would play with them though. I would be afraid they'd get all bent and scratched.
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