I had to bring back my trevi bag.

  1. Ok, here's the story.
    Yesterday I took a good look at my purse because there was something strange about it. When I looked in the mirror it seemed not to be symmetric. First I thought maybe it's because of the creases during transport. But when I turned and turned my bag suddenly I saw the problem. I hope I can explain it a little since my english is not the best. When you take a good look at the bag you can see it has two parts. The underpart which is big and ball/bulge. The other part, upperside has the two handles. Well that part was stitched not symmetrical. So when you held the purse in front of the mirror one side bulged more then the other. So this morning I took my bag to the LV store to replace it. Unfortunately they did not have any in stock so I have to wait to (I hope) next week to get a new one. Bad luck I guess.
  2. Sorry to hear that. Hope you get a new one soon. :cutesy:
  3. Oh no!,I hope you can exchange it for a new one soon!
  4. I am sorry to here that,
  5. Ohh, that really is a disappointment- I don't blame you for taking it back, I hope the new one will be perfect for you!
  6. Oh thats dissapointing, its a lovely bag, and they should find you a replacement soon, I love the Trevi.
  7. post pics when you get your new one! :biggrin:
  8. That stinks!!!! Hopefully you'll get a perfect one this time!
  9. Sorry about your trevi. It's disappointing when that happens but I'm glad they were accomodating to you. Hope you get a perfect new one soon.
  10. Wow, that IS dissapointing. Don't you just hate to have to wait? I do. Cheer up, at least you noticed it in time.
  11. Oh no!

    Hopefully the next one will be better.
  12. hope you will get a perfect one very soon!
  13. How very disappointing - I cross my fingers for you to get the new one real fast and it will be perfect - the Trevi is such a great bag, and I'm sure you're going to enjoy it!
  14. They told me maybe monday. I did not even had the chance to use the trevi. But now I'm not sure to take the PM or the GM. The reason I wanted the trevi was for going out shopping and put lots of stuff in it. But IRL I think it's not much bigger than my duomo. But I have a few days to think it over. And then is there the cabby denim which I love too. Unlike the others here I prefere the blue one. So much to think over this weekend. But thanks for your support.
  15. It is a good thing you noticed quickly!