I had to break my ban. HAD TO. It's Watercolor... /banfail (reveal)

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  1. I'm leaving for a few weeks in Scotland and Ireland on Tuesday and due to quite a bit of splurging and depletion of my fun money/travel/bag account I have myself on a ban.

    Well. Had. Because when you find a sub- $1k white Aquarelle Speedy.. one cannot simply say no to Watercolor 2008. :nuts:

    Like a good little girl though, I sold two of my babies to make up for it today. :crybaby:

    Presenting my newest little preloved score and welcome addition to my watercolor family, the mythical unicorn (it can be found for under a thousand dollars if you're patient, see?!) 2008 Limited Edition Printemps-Etê Aquarelle [Watercolor] Speedy 35 in white! Finding 3 of your holy grail I'll never find that affordably items in a month... baaaaad news for the baggybank! :roflfmao:

    (I say the full fancy name so our new to the forum friends unfamiliar with it will know what to hunt for!)

    Back to Ban Island I go, with my collection one bag smaller but smiling all the way!! This is my first Speedy 35 and while I thought it would be too big which is why I got the papillon and the brown Watercolor 30 in 2008 with the bandeau instead... seeing this beauty in real life for the first time I kick myself for not getting it back then and I'm loving the size!

    May try to sneak it into my luggage to add to the items I'll be doing artsy pics of for my LV Travel Diary!

    :flowers: Thank you all again for letting me share!

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  2. And forgot a pic of her little sister brown 30 and bandeau!

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  3. Its beautiful!!! :loveeyes:
  4. Beautiful! Congrats on your find :heart:
  5. Oh my god u are lucky.i love the watercolour..true beauty.Enjoy and do post pics in sunlight too.
  6. #6 May 13, 2016
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    That sounds like a killer deal! I would've resurrected from the grave for that one! :biggrin:

    I'm sure you're going to post mod shots soon. Congrats and enjoy!! :smile:
  7. So pretty! I've always loved that line! :heart:
  8. Killer price. Congrats!
  9. :amazed: You are definitely a lucky one with the bargains! You are pretty good though selling a couple to fund as I do the same sometimes. A big Congrats on this and all the dream HG bags you've purchased recently :biggrin:
  10. Wow, that is gorgeous and amazing get such good condition for the price! You go! Have fun on your trip!!
  11. Wow that is soo pretty! Congratulations!! It's definitely worth breaking the ban you got an amazing and iconic piece!!
  12. So beautiful!! Aquarelle (both brown and white) is my HG!
  13. Oh goodness me. She is so beautiful. I can totally understand. Can I please come with you? Can I fit inside your keep all? Hope you have a wonderful and safe trip. Please post some pics when you come back.
  14. Oh my gosh she's beautiful!!!!
  15. I would love to find the brown watercolor. They are both so unique!