I had the strangest...and best dream last night.

  1. Okay so I usually don't sleep too well in the morning since there's a lot of noise in my house (not to mention it's like Noah's Ark in my room...my guinea pigs never shut up). I usually dream more in the morning instead of at night, and this morning was the BEST dream. kind of strange, but really good.

    It was apparently my birthday or something. I don't know, I felt like I had accomplished something in school but I don't remember anybody saying something about school. All I remember was I was at this huge hall eating spaghetti and Nicole Richie was at a table with my parents and screamed "Happy Birthday, *****!" acrooss the room. And I turned to the person next to me and said "She's so sweet, you know Nicole has been coming to my parties since I was a baby..she's a good family friend" I dunno, I hate spaghetti and I have no idea why Nicole Richie was eating it with my mom and dad.

    THIS is the good part. Next thing I know, I'm in the car with my dad and he hands me this box. A COACH box!! I'm like ooooh oooh what is it!! I pull it out and it's a scarf print wristlet, mini skinny and some kind of lime green scarf with pink hearts on it. Scarf print's not my favorite but it was from my dad and I was so excited that he had gotten me Coach!! I just thought it was ironic since my parents would never buy me anything Coach. I think the most they'd get would be a gift card.

    Apparently in my dream my grandmom got me this ugly puffy lime green Coach purse and it barely fit on my arm. Kinda looked like a little kid's purse but I told her I loved it because she was so happy she got me something designer.

    What an odd dream...
  2. That is actually hilarious!!! you must have had nicole Richie on your mind (since she in the news alot right now) and Coach is always on your mind!
  3. I'm still trying to get an image of Nicole Richie EATING, let alone something like spaghetti, into my head! :lol:

    But that puffy lime green number sounds tre' cute! ;)

  4. LOL I don't even think she WAS eating!!!
  5. Holy cow, I had a Coach dream last night, too! But mine was a bad dream...I found a pair of Coach shoes at some strangers house, and the fit, but then when I was out on the town I noticed that the "C"'s were all wrong, and that I was stuck wearing fake Coach shoes!!

    I'm glad your dream was way better than mine!
  6. I always seem to have Coach dreams the night before a trip to the outlet!
  7. Thanks for sharing your dream!:heart::p
    It made me chuckle.
  8. "Happy Birthday, *****!" *LMAO*

    Too funny.