I had the MOST WONDERFUL time at SCP.....

  1. ......with 2 of the most amazing tPFers that I met for the first time!!:heart: I was on a trip with my DH and kids, and he took care of them for me to spend time at SCP. :yahoo:

    I met up with them right when the mall OPENED, and stayed with one tPFer 15mins to when the mall was CLOSING (11hours):nuts: .

    I met another WONDERFUL SA there, and she "played" with us for the afternoon. I learned alot of things about myself and my likes and dislikes there. I have made a wish list there, and know what leather, color and type of Hermes Bag Person I am!!;) It was so wonderful to get the two other tPFers opinions and I can't say enough about how much FUN I had. YOU TWO ARE SUCH "SPECTACULAR" women!!:heart: Thanks for such a FANTASTIC time and thanks for meeting up!!

    I came away with two souvenirs for my visit there, and here they are....






  2. oh. my. god. that scarf is TDF!!! love the ladybug too! what a wonderful time it sounds like you had. who did you meet??
  3. How fun!!!! I cannot tell you how fantastic the scarf and the ladybug look on your bags! Just beautiful!!!! Well deserved too!
  4. AHL---glad you had such a great time and that you had the chance to meet up with other TPFers at H! Sounds like a perfect day! SCP is such a great mall--the mother of all malls. Love your new Hola Flamenca pochette & the ladybug bag charm! I've got the ladybug en route, but I've never seen it on a bag yet so thanks for the great preview---looks beautiful on your gorgeous bags!
  5. awww they are sooo darling!!!!! glad you guys had a wonderful time!!
    thank you for sharing!!!
  6. Sounds like you had a lot fun there !! Love the ladybug and the scarf !!!
  7. Awww glad you had a good time! wow, 11 hours?! How fun!!

    Love the scarf and the ladybug, very cute!
  8. anHermesLover,sounds like an amazing time... everything is beautiful. I love the Lucky Lady Bug!! I bought one recently as well...sooo cute.
  9. I love your scarf!! so cute!!
  10. Love your ladybug! Glad you had a nice time. Thanks for sharing:smile:
  11. I'm so glad you had such fun today! And your pressies are tops! Congrats on the beauties and, more so, hooray for the happy day.
  12. Love the scarf...looks fantastic tied to your bag. The ladybug is so cute! Isn't it great meeting up with fellow tPFers!
  13. Fabulous haul! Congrats, and you will have so many wonderful memories!
  14. Congrats on your H souvenirs to mark ur wonderful time at SCP!! Glad you had a fabulous time!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your hola flamenca pochette!! I MUST GET!!!!
  15. Don't want to be "brown nosing:nuts: ....but forgot to mention that the two tPFers are "Beautiful", and "CLASSY":heart:

    hlfinn - I love this scarf. The SA said it was being offered for the "year of the dance"?? The colors are spectacular, I just couldn't capture it that well. As for the two ladies, I will let them come forward or when I get their okay:smile:

    Jag - I had so much fun there, and felt at ease and learned alot! Can't believe I didn't walk out with a bag, and they had my "wants":sweatdrop: . DH was a sweetheart to let me go w/o any worries.

    Orchid - You will LOVE the keychain. Now I have to learn how to LOCK IT???:confused1:

    Fesdu, LTT, and Mello.... Thanks, I had a GREAT time!! and yes, we couldn't believe that the mall was closing?

    EMNH - I believe the LUCKY ladybug did bring me some luck that day, and hope on other H visits:smile:

    Clickenwar, IngenueS, Katel - Thank You!

    Rose - I told them they could disappear when I went to the bathroom:p