I had the Fever

  1. I will post pictures later since its almost midnight but today I got a new Turqouise/blue Ergo!!! It is soooo me! At first I had bought the Signature Soho Flap the big one. Well i do NOT like the new stiching they have on them it kinda looks country well I returned it and got the Ergo. I also got the white coach key hook/ring and a charm the one with the signature stripe blue purse, sunglasses, and other little cute things on there to hang on my purse. I LOVE IT! I will post pics tomorrow!
  2. Wow! You made a haul! You should have sweet dreams tonight :smile:
    Can't wait to see!!!!
  3. o0o, I can't wait to see pics!
  4. What does "country" stitching look like?:confused1:


    Great bag! Enjoy!:yes:
  5. here are the pictures
  6. love the rich color. just curious - what kind of charm is that?
  7. Your ergo is SO pretty! I love that color. :drool: :drool:
  8. You will LOVE your Ergo!! I've had my blue baby for a week and smile everytime I see it :smile:
  9. Very Nice...I love the color!!!
  10. I love it!!!! congrats!
  11. So pretty! And looks like it holds quite a bit - congrats!!
  12. Thanks, it does hold alot I have a huge italian leather kate spade planner and makeup bag in there wil my envelope full of bills, medicines, cell phone, and alot more.

    I like how it has the cell phone holder.
  13. Congrats! What a stunning bag. Love the color and the lining.
  14. Looks nice!
    Whats the pink thing in your purse, not that hand sanitizer/lotion, but the other pink thing...is it a razor?