I HaD so MuCh FuN w/ ReVeaL- DeCiDed my 2nd

  1. Gorgeous bag! :smile: congrats!
  2. I love your bag, it´s fabulous!! I am a newbie as well and I am crazy in love with the reissue chain, it´s so elegant, so classic. And the color is beautiful. You did great. Congrats :love:
  3. babyG, thanks :wlae::smile:

    Emerilla, hi fellow newbie:wave: thanks 4 stopping by:flowers:... i also love dat its alot lighter than d classic jumbo and it has a casual understated look:love::loveeyes:

    thank u both for sharing my joy i know i'm trying to be good til next yr:shame: so i wont have another reveal for ahwile:sweatdrop: tc! :tender:
  4. reissue is just perfect!!!
  5. leececily, :flowers: thanks! yes its a very good addition on my collection:love: now if only i can find a good enough occasion to debut her :tender:
  6. Congrats, this is a fantastic bag and she will make you proud carrying her! The reissues are such functional and sophisticated bags! Great choice!
  7. martinibeach, thanks 4 dropping by ;) yes i hope to enjoy my baby this fall. i hope to have a sort of special occasion to debut her :cloud9: tc:tender:
  8. congrats on your new bag!
  9. beautiful!!!!
    I have been on vacation and just catching up. May I ask how much?
  10. myrkur, thanks 4 stopping by. yes i love:hbeat: it but its still unused cause i just came back from a 3 week family vacation:giggles: & i didn't want to use it there 4 fear of getting dirty:shame: lolz.
    boyker, we both wer just in a vacation:yahoo: hope u had so much fun like i did:whistle: it is 5400$ plus tax. tc:tender:
  11. Milksway25!
    I know what I'm gg to buy next! This clutch! Yours are so beautiful!:p
    Btw, can the chain be detached?
  12. ~seedlessplum, are u talking about this reissue? or my red clutch?:thinking: sorry i'm a lil bit confused. hehe:giggles: both cannot be detached thou... regardless thou its a nice addition to any chanel collection :loveeyes: tc :tender:

  13. I am so sorry to confuse u! I meant your red clutch but I was so excited that I post in the wrong thread!:p

    Really love your clutch and hope to see more mod pic of you with your clutch:biggrin:

  14. Any modeling pictures of you wearing this GORGEOUS purse? :woot::woot:
  15. Another suuuuuper gorgeous bag! Many congrats darling!