I HaD so MuCh FuN w/ ReVeaL- DeCiDed my 2nd

  1. bagfever... welcome 2 tpf! :flowers: samantha, lovehermes, numerocinque, ladynana, :ty: for sharing my reveal ;) i did this so i can share my new love :heart: for Chanel and possibly help others to decide on what to add next for their collection:cloud9: as d experts here and other ppl's reveals & pics helped me alot as i am new to Chanel also(only since oct'11 but i've been an lv addict for more than a decade thou.) thank's again everyone! tc :tender:
  2. I m also new to chanel. Just started buying in feb 2012
  3. hi Samantha S:biggrin: i was hit hard by Chanel :faint::blush: my 1st Love since i was 18 is Lv then Balenciaga but now all i can think of is my next CC :love::hbeat: it's definitely a more expensive addiction isn't it?:giggles: but i have to pause til' 2013 IF i can be good:sneaky: hehe.:woot: Welcome 2 our new :heart: fellow Chanel Newbie :flowers: tc!:tender:
  5. wow your bag is gorey milksway25 :biggrin: Do you have any modelling pics? Would really like to see how it looks when worn with an outfit :smile:
  6. So elegant ! :woohoo: Congrats!
  7. SamanthaS, i share your feeling :love: i :heart: it ;)

    Coreena, thank u so much!;) i will post pics as soon as i am brave & dressed decently enough to post my pics:nuts: lolz. it took me 5 yrs to even comment here on tpf and 6 yrs to do a reveal:choochoo::blush: lolz. lets hope i can warm up soon :biggrin:

    Hm92, thanks for sharing my excitement :tender:
  8. Hi milksway :smile: thats okay I totally understand. Have you used your new baby much? :smile: Do you find the 227 size overwhelming or is it a good size? :smile: Would you say the grey is much lighter in real life :smile:
  9. Gorgeous!! Congrats :smile:
  10. coreena, hehe. i'm sorry but i'm hoping mod pics soon :p i actually haven't used her yet:shame: i do look at it when i'm dressed and try to model in my own room then back in d box it goes :blush:... i'm still waiting 4 a perfect occasion to debut her :flowers: i will keep u posted thou ;)

    nadineluv, :ty:

    tc ladies!:tender:
  11. Looking forward to you rocking this baby! I Love the reissues... you can dress her up and dress her down and she will rise to the occassion!

    Congrats on getting such a stunning beauty!
  12. Love it!:love:
  13. evelynleetc, thank u for sharing my joy:yahoo: :biggrin: i still havent used her yet as i have other ones that i use for everyday:amuse: but i'm hoping this fall that i would be able 2 finally enjoy her:love: for now thou... i just cant seem to find an appropriate occasion yet to debut her:flowers: tc! :tender:

    artax , thanks:blossom:
  14. So cute congrats!
  15. thanks Xenia! :tender: