I had so much fun 2nite!!!

  1. Sorry to brag but just wanted to let y'all know that I just got back from the 311 concert and they rocked the freakin' house!!!! I don't remember having that much fun in a looong time and everyone was soo nice! I suggest seeing them if they ever come to your town!
  2. Fun! Glad you had a good time :nuts: Are your ears ringing? :P I saw them in 1997 with Goldfinger, it was a good show :biggrin:
  3. Im glad you had fun !!!
  4. Surprisingly no! I was shocked! I wish they were coming back soon!
  5. I have seen them before too!! Really awesome concert they put on and a great vibe from the crowd.
  6. I'm so glad you had a great time!!
  7. Glad you had fun tonight! I love concerts although I have been to only a few.
  8. Megs-glad to see we have the same great taste in music :lol:!!

    kathyrose- This was the 1st concert I've been to in 7 yrs! My last concert was Santana so needless to say, it's been awhile!
  9. Glad you had fun tonight!
  10. Nice to hear :biggrin: I'll live vicariously through you guys...no good concerts come here! Well, HARDLY!
  11. Glad you had fun!