I had no intention of buying anything but....

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  1. I went to NM today and strolled through the Chanel area. I paused to look at the MC collection thinking that just maybe I didn't give it a fair shake. So, I tried on the large bag again and, (again) although I loved the unique shape, I didn't think it looked good on me. I tried on the smaller tote and it seemed too similar to the shape of some of the other bags I have. Next, I tried on the flap. Very cute, but just too small for me. I started to walk away and the nice SA said, "Give this one a try," referring to the hobo. "No," I said, "I don't like the hobo shape. Not interested." Well she talked me into it and :confused1:
    ....I loved it!!:love: :shame: :nuts:

    Try it on gals! The shape looks great in this style.
    I bought it in the gray (more like a taupey gray) but I can pick it up until next Thurs (so that I can get double points on my NM card). Can't wait!!
  2. ooooh! u have to promise to share pix!!!!! (:
  3. Congrats!

    Please post pics so we can oooh and ahhh.

  4. YEA!

    Uuum, next week is double points? I am probably buying the small tote in red tomorrow, I want double points!!!
  5. Congrats, waiting on pics. :smile:
  6. :lol: It's dangerous just "walking through".
  7. LOL
  8. I will!!

    Swanky, double points starts Thurs!!
  9. oooh!! Congratulations! Can't wait to see the pics. Such restraint you have to wait!
  10. Ooh, congrats! Can't wait for the pics!
  11. The hobo is nice! I saw a black one and a grey one today in the store. Enjoy!:yes:
  12. Don't you just love the grey... its a great color!!!
  13. Looking forward to the pics!!
  14. Looking foward to seeing the pics - congrats!!
  15. can't wait to see pics, really curious about that color!
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