I had no idea!

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  1. . . .when I ordered the Jinhee in Blueberry during the New year sale that it would become my "Absolutely can't live without" bag! :nuts:
    I thought it would be a good work tote, (and it would) but after making some minor adjustments to the shoulder strap, I just can't get over how great this bag is for convenience!!! I carry it, folded over, all the time now. :yes: Work will have to find another tote!

    I love the blueberry, but my big regret is that I didn't get the bordeaux color too! :crybaby: I would give anything for this bag in a neutral brown!!

    Can someone with the bordeaux please tell me - is the color brownish ? or too "reddish/purplish" to pass for brown?

    (I don't see any left on the HH site, but with the latest sales and all, I'm hoping that there may be some popping up on *bay.)

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  2. Wow that is really pretty! Nice job! What did you do to the strap?

    I have a Bordeaux Sloane and I find it to be a wineish brown. I'm not all that great at matching things and fashion, but I don't find it to be too purplish to pass for brown. Maybe someone else can pipe up though who is better at these things. :smile:
  3. mishka, I took off the plastic "chain" and just replaced it with some of those split rings.
  4. Wow, I love what you did! The bag looks great and practical. And I'm crazy about that color (would love a Blueberry Lorca...). Where did you get a strap in the same color to replace the plastic chain?
  5. temo You're a genius. That bag looks seriously amazing.
  6. That blue part of the strap is already there, she just took the black part out and replaced that. :smile: I'm going to do something similar with mine.
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    :yes:Yup, that's right.:yes:

    carlottalyn, hope you'll show us what you do!
  8. I knew that bag is great. I love yours. :smile:
  9. I have to say, with the chain removed, I love it!
  10. I will temo, you've certainly inspired me! I'm going to try to rig something up that looks similar but easily detachable...it'd be fun to be able to switch out chains. Also possibly going to try to do a crossbody strap. We'll see! :P
  11. The leather looks awesome on that bag! Lovely color too!
  12. Sigh, it's beautiful. Love what you did with the strap!

    I had the Jinhee in blueberry and after much, much deliberation, decided to return it. The leather just seemed dried out and stiff to me. Maybe mine was just a fluke? How is yours?

    This is such a gorgeous and unique design; it broke my heart to have to send it back.

  13. I find this leather to be thick and soft.
    Mind you, I treated it with apple conditioner & it loved it!
  14. Can anyone who got the bordeaux comment on the color?
  15. Ditto! I have the same Sloane and I completely agree. I'd definitely say it's more of a wine/brown and isn't too purple or "reddish" not to work as a brown...

    I just got it last week and I love it...I actually feel like I am using it as a brown bag, but it's fun because it's not "just brown", if that makes sense!?!?