I had my best Coach experience to date, today.

Dec 18, 2009
Calgary, Alberta
So today was an absolutely miserable day. First our debit account was compromised due to DH's card being skimmed, then DH's e-mail was hacked. Then to add insult to injury, DH was laid-off from his job, a month before Christmas at that.

Well, I had bought a new dress and wristlet for said company's Christmas party. It was the Framed Sequin Wristlet in black which I absolutely loved. I was pretty devastated to bring it back, but it was the only logical think since it was the only time I'd ever use it.

I went into the store and was approached by the SA, I explained the situation to him and he was super sympathetic. He did the typical routine and asked me how I was liking my bag (Madison Shoulder Bag in black). Well he walked me around the entire store and spent about 10 minutes with me trying to pick out a wristlet, then another 10 deciding if I wanted it or not. He was absolutely wonderful! Then he took me back to the till so I could exchange it, the minute we walked up to the till he told the sales clerk to "Wrap it up, make it special with a BOW! It needs to have a great bow on it for her. She's had a horrible day and this needs to make her happy. Got it?" That put the HUGEST smile on my face. He then proceeded to wait with me talking while I waited for them to bring it out.

After they gave me my GORGEOUSLY gift-wrapped wristlet, he walked me and DH to the front of the store. After saying good-bye he stops in his tracks and says "I feel like I need to give you a hug.". He gives me the biggest hug and tells me that I need to stay positive and to keep a smile on my face, also told me that I need to come visit him at the store. I walked out of the store with tears in my eyes and the biggest smile on my face. Needless to say, I've switched main stores and I'll be coming back to him for everything I need from now on. I've never had so much kindness from a stranger, let along a SA at Coach.

That ended up being so much longer than I expected, but I needed to rave about how amazing Dion was today.

Here's a picture of new Crimson Patent Wristlet.


Sep 25, 2009
Heart of Texas
What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it. I'm very sorry for your troubles, but I'm glad you found such kindness in the world---it really is out there. Best wishes for the future!
Dec 18, 2009
Calgary, Alberta
What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it. I'm very sorry for your troubles, but I'm glad you found such kindness in the world---it really is out there. Best wishes for the future!
Thank you! And it really is, I sent an e-mail to Coach and asked that they pass it on to the district manager so Dion can be properly rewarded for his kindness.


Nov 1, 2006
RI'er living in Maine
Your story made me well up...sometimes I think nobody in the world cares about anyone at all anymore then I hear a story like this and it renews my faith in others. His kindness was just the right pick me up you needed today. The wristlet is gorgeous BTW. So sorry about your DH's layoff and the other stuff too.


purse fickle
Feb 21, 2010
This is a really nice story, but I am very sorry about your husband losing his job. This is the worst news! I hope he finds something else soon. Hang in there, and enjoy your beautiful new wristlet.

Jersey Girl

Sep 26, 2010
What a great story! So sorry for all you are going through! I hope things will get better very soon!
Enjoy that new wristlet, the color is gorgeous!


May 21, 2010
Coeur d'Alene
I am so sorry to hear about DH getting laid off. What terrible timing. I'm glad to hear that someone brightened your day. I love the crimson wristlet!