I had Lasik, now I can not see.

  1. I had Lasik on Tuesday and now I can’t see anything closer than 5 feet away.
    It’s frustrating and a bit scary. I hope this is temporarily, my doctor said that my eyes are still healing so I may regain some sight up close lets hope so!! I also hope you can read this because I’m typing by feel. My Dr said I would most likely need reading glasses but this is ridiculous. How do I adjust to this new life? I bought a pair of those “cheaters” you know those reading glasses off the rack, but they make everything sort of wonky
    and make me feel dizzy. By the way all you farsighted ladies How do you put on makeup???. :sad:
  2. your doctor should've given you a pair of specialized "goggles" you are supposed to wear after the surgery for a few days while you're recovering. i don't think those "cheater" glasses are going to help much.
  3. Hang in there! I had Lasik about 5 years ago. I was extremely nearsighted though. Everyone heals differently. I'm sure you'll be feeling better soon. I had a couple days of a "sand in the eye" feeling but it passed pretty quickly. Best of luck!:flowers:
  4. My dad had Lasik done about 6 years ago. He has to use reading glasses all the time now...can't see anything up close. He had coke bottle glasses before, so he's grateful he only has to wear the reading glasses every once in a while.
    I hope you get your close up vision back!
  5. He did give me the goggles and (a very swank pair of sunnies :smile:) but he said that they are for sleeping.
  6. Thanks I love hearing all your encouraging stories makes me feel better.
  7. did the doc correct you to see distance only or did you do monovision or mini-mono vision? do you what your vision was before correction? ie. -5.00 od -4.75?
  8. i think you can wear the goggles during most of the recovery time, including sleeping. my husband's an optometrist and his colleague performed lasik on my relatives and friends. they wore the goggles during the day, indoors and outdoors, including while watching tv. i think it supposed to help so you won't strain your eyes after the surgery.

  9. I tried the mono vision with the contact lens I couldn’t get use to it I don’t’ know what my eye sight was before but I was very myopia
  10. Hang in there! My husband had it done a couple of years ago, and what you're describing is what I remember happening with him. His vision got progressively better until a certain point where it leveled off and he could go get his new driver's license sans corrective lenses. He did buy some of those cheapy reading glasses that he sometimes uses if he's going to be reading for a while, but for distance, and just seeing in general, he's fine now.
  11. Thanks Tammy518 your story helped me feel much better. :smile:
  12. I went to see about this a few years ago. I cant see far away without my glasses, so i wear them for driving. Anyways he told me that having this done and because i was in my 30's that i could have issues seeing up close and could need reading glasses. My thoughts to that was forget it. If i cant see up close and need reading glasses that means i'm going to be wearing glasses more then now. It then wasnt worth the 4500$ i was going to cost me.
    I hope things work out for you.

  13. It should get better. I didnt have lasik surgery but i did have corneal replacement surgery on the 4th. I had to get a new cornea in my left eye because i could see absolutely nothing. Its been a few weeks since my surgery and i can see soo much better now. For about a week i still couldnt see much but it has improved alot. You will get better dont worry.

    I hope this helps because its not hard having to have any types of eye surgery. I thought i was going to loose my hair from the nerves. But i am doing great now and so will you:yes: .
  14. Eye problems stink. I just had the most nerve wrecking eye exam last weekend so I kinds can relate. Anyhow, I thought the protective goggles needed to be worn most of the time? My friend's mom got Lasik and she had 20/20 vision after about 8 days and she healed well.

    For now, try not to worry too much. Good luck with everything...I really hope things work out for you.