I had fun with a fake Birkin yesterday...

  1. So I was at the salon getting my hair done and sitting next to me was a woman with the UGLIEST, obviously fake Birkin having her hair done next to me. She was being really loud...referring to her "Cartier diamond bracelets" and "Let me look in my HERMES bag" every other sentence.

    I couldn't resist. I casually brought up what a "
    lovely" bag it was...telling her what a great H fan I am, and start in on her by asking the color (brown, she said! To which I went for the jungular "yes, it looks like etoupe' but i'm not sure...what did your SA say?") Then the hardware ("silver"...lol), leather grain ("It looks like chevere...is it coromandel or mysore?) stitching, and date stamp.

    She was like a deer in headlights the whole time....the more she tried to dodge, the more specific my questions got. And the whole time I was being sweet as pie...not condescending, just acting really interested. Meanwhile, everyone around us is involved in the conversation as well. FINALLY she admitted it was fake, and that she paid almost $300.00 for it on a website. She was really embarrassed...I just feigned shock and said, "Oh, I'm so sorry you wasted so much money...I hope the federal government doesn't come after you for buying counterfeit items...OMG, I just thought of something... all your personal information is now in the counterfeiter's database! Oh no!" She was really freaking out...it was a beautiful thing. :yahoo:
  2. Oooooohhh SNAP!!!!:roflmfao:
  3. I can understand how tempting it always is to expose a fake. But I would also leave the woman alone. Am I the only one who feels this way? To each his own.

    As one who wears alot of Hermes, I would like to be thought of as being classy. (I would leave my claws and fangs for other purposes :p) Grace Kelly is my model. If I think I am less than exemplary towards someone, I would be rather disappointed with myself.
  4. Haha priceless. IMO, you did it in a graceful manner too.
  5. I was very nice to her...I never let on that I thought it was a fake bag. I would never overtly "call out" someone for carrying a fake bag...it's just not my style. She was making loud remarks by name-dropping her designer items, then would look over for a response. This lady was being really obnoxious and showy.... I thought I might teach her a lesson without her knowing a lesson was being taught.
  6. MrsS, I totally agree with you. The woman obviously knew the bag was fake when she bought it and was already embarrassing herself by her ostentatious behavior.
  7. Ok if she wasn't being antagonistic I would leave her alone if it was me, but she was literally waving a red flag in a bull's face by all the attention-grabbing.
  8. I have to admit, I find this to be kinda funny.

    I wish we could all be perfectly behaved ladies at all times and always, always resist the urge to tug on the tiger's tail, but you know what? That's not realistic. I bet even Grace Kelly had a few of those moments in her day. ;)
  9. I wouldn't do this myself but I thought it was rather amusing. :smile:
  10. I agree with NinjaSue. I would be embarrassed for her to begin with for her behavior. She did a good enough job all on her own looking foolish. No need to do more and thus risk making yourself look just as pettyand materialistic.
  11. rollinsband--Naughty! ;) I love your style. I can just picture this ladies face. ;)
  12. Rollinsband was just sharing her encounter with a supporter of criminal activity. One of the best ways to stop the fake market which we all here profess to abhor, is to shame the women who buy fakes. I thought Rollins did it in an appropriate way. Hermes also believes that the fakes eventually drive women into their boutiques. You can be sure that woman will be saving up her pennies for a real one.
    PS, at this time, I do not believe the purchase of a fake is illegal. The selling or distributing of fakes is illegal.
  13. Sometimes it´s better to just nod politely.
  14. this is amusing! obviously, the lady with the fake birkin needs to be taught a lesson or two on buying fake merchandise.....
  15. Rollinsband, I think you delivered the message in an appropriate manner given her behavior too. ;)

    How else would someone like that know that such actions are obnoxious/demeaning to the Hermes Brand Name/supporting an illegal trade, if those of us who consider it to be so ..... just keep it to ourselves? :confused1: