I had fun at Chanel today

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  1. ....And I didn't even buy anything! I dropped in at the Chanel boutique on a whim. They had a lot of new styles, but I only tried on the various flap bags including the violet East/West, a black patent classic flap, and a burgundy lambskin flap. And also looked at cute little earrings that have little glittery Chanel icons in resin (there's a gorgeous matching cuff, too) and some boots and shoes. I'm still waiting for my huge runway tote, but if I decide I don't like it, I will probably get the violet East/West bag. It is so darling. I wish it came in lambskin, though...that would be so dreamy.

    Anyway, it was just fun times. My SA Trisha is great; she never does the hard sell, and she knows I'm hooked on Chanel and I will eventually buy something when I see whatever it is that's so totally me. She just kept thinking of cute, funky things she thought I'd love and we just looked at them.

    Also she told me that Chanel makes exclusive designs for Bloomingdale's or Saks priced very reasonably to give these department store boutiques an "edge" over standalone stores. So now, I will have to be on a lookout for those!
  2. So they DO have that cuff and earrings?? I've been looking all over for them and no one seems to have ANY idea what I'm talking about!!
    ARRRRRRGH. Thank you for mentioning that, I'm definitely making a call tomorrow.

    Lol..in my excitement, I forgot to add, sometimes the best thing is just hanging around the store trying things on! There's no law that says you have to buy anything ;)
  3. I really need to check out that violet east-west. sounds gorgeous!

    can't wait till you get your tote!1
  4. The Chanel in San Francisco has the earrings for sure--they're quite small and modest looking but soooooo cute. I think they have the cuff also, but it wasn't out and I knew what it looked like so I didn't ask her to bring it out. Just to make sure we're talking about the same thing, I'm attaching a photo of the cuff.
  5. i saw in a magazine a classic flap in a beautiful blue. It was so gorgeous.