I had an impulse buy!

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  1. Nothing huge but I needed this like a hole in the head. There was nothing at LV. It's their fault.

    Something small from the David Yurman store.

    Arrgh. Gotta love Prasiolite.

  2. That's beautiful!!!

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  3. I love it!! Prasiolite is so pretty :love:

    Eh, LV misses out - DY clearly knew how to make your heart sing :graucho:
  4. its beautiful :smile:
  5. lovely! DY makes such pretty rings!
  6. Love this ring...I bet you'll wear this ring a lot!
  7. Thanks everyone!! My daughter had appropriated my moonstone one and I was really missing having a ring, so this was fun! Thanks for the kind words!!!
  8. Pretty, love the color!
  9. Pretty! Looks like a great fit, I've been having such an issue with "spinnage" lately, I've grown a newfound appreciation for rings that just sit well!
  10. The prasiolite is stunning!
  11. Gorgeous. I have eyeballed that one myself, but fund restrictions have left me without it so far. Glad to see someone having it - it looks great on your hand!
  12. Love the praisiolite! It's gorgeous and perfect for Spring! Congrats!
  13. we're DY twins!!!! my fiance bought that same ring for me years ago in aruba :smile:

    enjoy! i get a ton of use out of mine
  14. So pretty. Nice choice.
  15. Yes, blame LV... lol. It's beautiful.