i had an idea!

  1. ok so chatting with my SA today about my SO we got to talking about how long it would take. so as we were talking i had a lightbulb moment. i am going to have a walkathon or some sort of charity event to help raise money. isn't that terrific? like people can sponsor my bus ride to work, or me brushing my teeth or doing my dishes. my SA said i should walk to her store (which is like 2 hours driving away or more). i say, feh. too much exercise. i would rather make money doing the things i do already.

    OOOOHH even better- people can sponsor my time on here. like "i will pay 20cents for every hour she's on here."

    isn't that FANTASTIC?!

    Do you think vlad and megs will sticky it?

    and just so you don't think i'm TOTALLY selfish i was thinking I would donate every cent that i make over the cost of the bag (which of course includes the price increase it's sure to have and tax).

    who's with me?
  2. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  3. thank you. what can i write you down for?
  4. Take your clothes off first....and you'll have alot more sponsors...
  5. i think that would get me less actually.
  6. ^^ hlfinn.. For a second i thought u're actually talking seriously about donation LOL
  7. are all the people reading this and not responding in awe of my ingenuity? are you privately fighting over who will sponser me for what? listen people there is enough for me to go around. shall i list the things i do on a daily basis?
  8. OMG, H , you are so funny..... my DH is on the floor cracking up laughing at this.....priceless!
  9. Are you serious?

    If so we can ask Vlad and Megs to have a sticky of a 'Hermes Person-Who-Wants-a-Bag of the Month' so that someone can do whatever (walking/jogging/pushups etc) and be sponsored for it.

    If you have this month, can I have next month?
  10. :graucho::graucho:

    because it's such a good idea right? hey, i'm not one to turn down free money... tee hee
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: ... good one!
  12. no merika i'm not serious. but glad you see you jumped in for spot number 2. ROFL.
  13. WHAT I DO DAILY by Hlfinn

    Wake up
    Turn on the computer
    Log in to TPF
    Brush teeth
    Put on deoderant
    Get dressed
    feed cats
    Take bus to work
    go to mcdonalds for a diet coke
    order bagel and another diet coke
    wait hours then pee
    turn on work computer
    log in to tpf
    spend all day on phone or emailing
    eat lunch
    turn off computer
    take bus home
    turn on home computer
    log in to tpf
    get undressed
    watch the view or oprah
    maybe eat dinner
    take a bath
    turn off comuter

    there are literally hundreds of possibilities for sponsorship. i am open to all ideas!
  14. ^^Hey gotta get in line fast!!
  15. BWAHAHAHA. Only if you do a dollar a minute mud-wrestling marathon. THAT I would sponsor.