I had an idea what does every one think?

  1. I will email Vlad about it too. I made this stuff, I barrowed TPF logo and made my own TPF small logo (just the letters TPF). I also barrowed a purse pic from a member! These are just samples! Don't worrie I wouldn't make anything with someones pics without permisson!!!!


    tpf stamp.jpg Actaul stamps Mail in style


    pic mug.jpg

    baby tpf.jpg

    1 tee.jpg
  2. I love the tPF logo against the silver insulated mug. Cute! I can see me using that @ work.
  3. these are just a few ideas there is so much I could do!
  4. How cute!!! I would definitely purchase the coffee mugs & stamps!! I couldn't see the second picture though.
  5. I second that...the thermos and stamps are something i would use.
  6. I really like the coffee mug. I'd be the coolest caffeine addict at work :supacool:
  7. I love the silver coffee mug! I would totally buy that!
  8. I would definitely use the coffee mug. Very nice!
  9. we actually did something similar when I first joined.
    We made up slogans and had a contest to see which one won {I thought mine should've personally! LOL!} and we were going to have someone {Cafe Press I think?} make up some goods.
    Vlad, did we do this?
  10. I think its a great idea !! :idea:
  11. oooo that stuff really cool!!
  12. Great idea! I love the mugs =)
  13. very cool. did you do those on cafepress.com?
  14. Oh-I really like the mugs and the metal coffee urn. Cafe Press is a good bet with this stuff-i think it would sell!
  15. Cute idea. I :heart: those coffee mugs!