I had an Hermes Birthday & Anniversary!

  1. Fellow tPF got this for me for my birthday:
  2. No pics!!! happy birthday though! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!
  3. Thank you!! sorry, having a little computer issue. working on it right now.
  4. :party::party::party::party:
  5. hermes birthdays and anniversaries are great! happy bday and anny!
  6. phpNj7aQyPM.jpg


    Here you go!!

    Thank you, KB!!
  7. And got this cutie last night w/DH for our 18th anny!!


    30cm etoupe evelyne in clemence!!
  8. Congrats~~~~ lovely Evelyne~~~ :yahoo:
    and nice carafe

    and Happy Birthday~
  9. Beautiful gifts--I love the water carafe! HAPPY BIRTHDAY and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!
  10. happy happy birthday! lovely gifts, enjoy! :biggrin:
  11. Ahhh...I thought it was a shot glass. I was about to jump out of the sweats to head to H. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  12. those are lovely!!! happy birthday and happy anniversary too! :smile:
  13. Thanks, kim_mac, hermesaholic, mkc1011, orchids, pigleto, thereallouis and nightshade!!
  14. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!