I had AMAZING Tokidoki luck today!

  1. I had some great luck today, and thought I'd share :smile:

    Every time I go to the mall, I always check Macy's to scope out the Tokidoki and see if there's anything that I like. Today I was shopping with my stepmother, right smack in the middle of all the Piratas, Spiaggias and Adios Star's was an Amore Zucca!! I have been looking for one for so long, and there were NONE in San Diego and I was just about the pay way more for one on eBay, so I was ridiculously excited. Then it got even better when my stepmother offered to buy it for me with her Macy's card and the SA gave us 10% off.

    Macy's was having a sale where you get an extra 15% off sale stuff if you use your Macy's card, so we drove over to Mission Valley Macy's just to check it out and buy more crap so my stepmom can qualify for the Platinum Macy's card. Wishful thinking always makes me walk by the sale table in hope of finding Toki. Lo and behold I find an Inferno Canguro! Marked down to 56$, with an additional 40% off and then another 15% for using a Macy's card on sale items! So I ended up getting the Inferno Canguro for 29$, which is crazy. Then later that night my father surprised me by finding the Citta wrist cuff thing at Loehmanns. 3 Toki's in one day, I'm pretty happy!

    Macy's is having that 15% off with Macy's card sale until July 4th, and at the Mission Valley Mall in San Diego, there were two Fumos on a 25% off plus an additional 25 or 40% (I don't remember) sale table, a Campeggio and a Nuvola. There was also one more Citta bracelet wrist cuff thing at Loehmanns, it's super cute with the planes and baby kong on it!

    I just thought I'd share my excitement with all you Tokidoki lovers! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
  2. send that luck my way! congrats!
  3. WOW!!! :drool: Insanely lucky!!! Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  4. ooohhh what print did the campeggio have?
  5. Thanks, I couldn't believe my luck! I loooveee my Lamore Zucca. Just keep checking Macy's!

    The Campeggio was the gray Fumo print!
  6. wow congrats on finding such a great deal! too bad we dont get deals like that :sad: ..our macys dont even sell tokis :lol:
  7. oops double post..having trouble with the net.. argh... what nuvola did they have there??
  8. where did you find the amore zucca at? the only one i've seen was at the carlsbad mall.. maybe it's the same one you got! lol..

    congrats on all your finds! :]!!!! i would like myself a canguro n.n
  9. Ah I don't think I was clear enough in my post, haha! The Campeggio and Nuvola are both the Fumo print. I'd never seen Fumo in person, and I wasn't expecting it to be as cute as it was. If I didn't get 3 today I would've snapped one of em up! :smile:
  10. I found the Amore Zucca at Fashion Valley, I'm guessing someone just returned it cause it had the sticker on it already. I've never been to the mall in Carlsbad, and I've been living in San Diego for three years! But then again I live in south SD and Carlsbad is kinda far, haha. I now have two Canguros! My other one is in Spiaggia, with the unicorn right on front the zipper pocket. I've always been a big fan of the fanny pack :smile:
  11. aw lucky you to find that one amore zucca :biggrin:
  12. oh wow!!! deal deal deals!!! luv bag bargains, and how great that you got some as pressies!!! congrats!! :wlae:
  13. What store are we talking about in the Carlsbad mall? I am down in San Diego visiting my sister.

    By the way, the south Coast Macy's has TONS of Fumo. You have to ask though as it is in the back room. Just ask for Arya, he knows where they are.
  14. Wow!! So lucky :biggrin: Congratulations~
  15. wow! congratz on ur new goodies! what a lucky day!