I had a Vuitton Nightmare

  1. Last night I had my first Vuitton nightmare I dreamt I was at this really huge Vuitton store I had my CB pap and this really snotty SA came up and said something like "did we make that bag I haven't seen it" I just replied oh it was from 2003 and she said what in THAT colour white (she thought my CB were white) I said oh no their pink.

    Then she said what's the datecode on it so I replied the datecode really hard to see it's hard to get too and she really really snotty now said AS IT should be.

    So I flipped over the bit on the pap (which you can't do) to show her I was getting irritated now so I was like see there it is! and OH NO my date code had 5 NUMBERS!!!

    I think my heart must has literally skipped a beat and I woke up

    YES I think I am going crazy LOL
  2. Oh God, hope it wasnt manchester store or Leeds...best not bring your CB pap to leeds to be on the safe side haha :p
  3. roflmao
  4. LMAO...I had two LV nightmares in August...I'm going crazy too, LOL!!
  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao: I think someone needs to have an LV ban AND a purse forum ban. ;)
  6. ^ Oh No!!
  7. :roflmfao:
  8. Lol!

    Well... What I did in Vegas was MY nightmare. It was 96 degrees at 9pm in Vegas. DH was sitting in the car with our two dogs in the self-parking that's super hot. I was dressed in sweats and a T-shirt annd in such a hurry to get what I want and get out of the store that I think I was over the "pap" thing looking at a Damier piece because the SA was already ringing up my purchase. Another SA actually came over and was about to ask me to get to the other side of the counter, I just told him "Oh oops! Sorry I forgot I wasn't supposed to be over here." So embarrassing!!!
  9. lol.
    what a funny dream...luckily it was only a dream!~
  10. Rofl
  11. I have dreams about buying lots and lots of LV:nuts::drool:
  12. *HaHa* :lol: That is too funny!
  13. Only one way to cure your LV nightmare, Claire. Hurry on to LV and get a new bag or accessory so you can replace your nightmarish thoughts with LV dreams!! LOL
  14. ^ so very true but nothing is calling me in my dream/nightmare I even wandered around this whole HUGE store and never found anything I liked :tdown:
  15. Oh dang....oooh, I know. When I was at LV today to pick up my Nimbus GM, I saw these new sunglasses with the Trunks and Bags logo on both sides! I asked my SA to get an eastern bridge one for me to try out. It was hot!!!!