I had a taste of the orange kool aid...

  1. ...just a taste, not a sip, not a gulp, not a glass, and not a jug...but just a taste...and it was fantabulous!

    I have officically joined your club, before I was just hanging around, obsessing and drooling at everyone else's Hs (who am I kidding, I will still continue to). No ladies, I did not get an H purse (yet)...but I have started my collection and got myself a 2004 heart cadena!

    This cadena is quite special to me as DH and I got married back in 2004 and I thought to myself, wouldn't it be a good idea to start my collection with something meaningful, commemorating the year of my wedding...and I want all my other Hs in the future to mean something as well...that way, I have a story to tell with every piece!

    Anyway, here are some pics I would like to share!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Sorry for the crappy photo quality...I need a new camera!

    Well, thanks for letting me share my very small joy with all of you! And since I have had a taste of the orange kool aid, I know one day I will be drinking the whole jug (i.e. birkin, kelly, lindy)!
  2. How cute! It'll always have a special memory for you.
  3. You've started your H collection with a very lovely piece, ms.f!
  4. ooh very pretty! and so sweet that it's meanigful! congrats!
  5. Oh, man--what a great gift for yourself! I love the sentiment behind it. I got married in '94 & treasure all momentos from that year. I have been to only 1 boutique (naples, FL), but I am gonna go check out the cleveland, OH one. I just called them & they do indeed have leather products (had 3 evelynes there!). I can't afford to purchase one right now, but maybe a twilly? Plus, I really want to try them out, see how they feel to see if I really LOVE this bag & want to save up for it.
  6. how lovely - and welcome to the orange side, no going back now, lol
  7. I love this heart. It works as a locket also. The best feature about it is that is smooth and flat so that it doesn't wreck your bag when you hang it.

    Enjoy and welcome to the obsessed!
  8. and yes we have pretty strong koolaid around here.
  9. What a great start to your H collection! It's beautiful!
  10. Such a pretty start to your collection...
  11. Beautiful! Those are hard to find right now! I bought one because my DD was born that year!
  12. Lovely start!
  13. this is the perfect way to start your Hermes love affair, commemorating your own.
  14. The heart is one of my favorites; I reach for it often. And what a wonderful way to mark an anniversary year!
  15. I think this os one of the best cadenas H ever came out with!!! You will love it...Now you have to get a Kelly Bracelet or Oiu Necklace for it!!!