I had a slightly enviable outlet haul yesterday....

  1. So, I went in because my curiosity got the best of me, and I wanted to see if the alleged Ergos/Carlys had hit my outlet yet. (They hadn't.)

    But I did find the RED SIGNATURE HEADBAND WITH BOW!!! OMG I was so excited. For only $19.99. I :heart: it! There were others, too. If anybody wants one, call the Carolina Premium Outlets location at (919) 934-9089 and see what they can do!!

    I also got ponytail scarves in Black/White signature and Denim/white signature for $29.99.

    And finally, the red signature photo keychain that I wanted for only $24!

    Sadly, I did not see any bags that I wanted....but I will def. be going again soon because that Outlet had the best accessories!
  2. very nice!
    Lucky find on that headband, you need to take a pic modeling it.
  3. Awesome! Sounds like you scored some cool stuff!! :supacool:
  4. Fantastic! The awesome Bessie picked one of those headbands up for me at the outlets and let me tell you, I get complimented every time I where it! I've also slid the bow off the band part and just pinned that in my hair also.

    Now I'm on a quest for the legacy striped ponytail scarf and one in a black and white pattern that I like.
  5. Great find! I've been wanting one of those headbands but haven't had a chance to get to the outlet yet. Hopefully mine will have some next week.
  6. Where are the pics? Congrats on the finds!!!!
  7. wow, congrats!!
  8. Ditto!!
  9. :tup:
    I agree... Except for PCE, I always wait to buy my accessories at the outlet!
  10. LUCKY!!! I sooo want that headband! Were there a lot left?
  11. Woohoo!!! That scarf is so adorable!! Can't wait to see pics!!
  12. There were actually only two others, but I only found them while digging through a box of scarves!

    I will post pics tonight when I get home (I'm @ work right now, grr!)
  13. Great find! :tup: Congrats! :yahoo:
  14. Ooh great find! Congrats!
  15. Congrats!