I had a question

  1. I had a question about a bag and swankysomethingorother closed my post and said you have to post in the authenticate this thread. There are a gazillion pages in that thread. I don't know that anyone will ever see my post now. She replied two seconds after I posted my question but didn't respond to the question. That was so odd.
  2. You HAVE to add a reply in that thread with the info you want help authenticating. Members check that thread constantly and reply te questions as best they can. Swanky is one of the moderators of the forum and it their job to help us follow the rules...
  3. swanky is a lovely mod, who was just doing her job- she's not a coach expert, so that's why she didnt' answer your question. and posting in the appropriate place...welll...those are just the rules. trust me, someone will see your post in that thread, no worries! :yes:
  4. Try a search of your post (by your id) in the authenticate this thread . . . If there's a response it should be relatively close to yours.
  5. It's there post 5860. It looks real to me, finzup is question the serial number. Ask the seller for a better photo of the serial patch.
  6. she just sent me one via email, I'll go post it
  7. I don't have a problem with her enforcing rules. Not in the least. I was just confused by her saying oh well post above and then not responding. Just confusion, nothing more.
  8. I don't know anything about Coach bags, I couldn't have answered you if I wanted.
    But nonetheless, it wasn't the appropriate spot anyhow.
    Everyone else has to post their questions there, it's just consistency and keeps the Forums clutterfree.
    In the future, you may always click on my name and send me a private message:yes:
  9. I couldn't figure out how at the time, i'm new. I was attmepting to delete the post when I realized it was closed. I was like, "why is all of this happening?" This place is tricky tricky.
  10. we're just usually very quick and very organized:yes:
    Just PM one of us if you have a question.