I had a question regarding eluxury...

  1. Hi everyone!!! I have just purchased a mono koala agenda through eluxury and want to also purchase some bags and since I haven't purchased LV through eluxury before I was wondering if could tell me what should I expect? Along with the box and dustbag shouldn't it also include the tags, a care booklet, etc?
  2. Also, have you been satisfied purchasing through them?
  3. Congrats! Yes, elux will include a box, dustbag and care booklet with LV purchases. That's the only way I've bought LV...so far. :wlae:
  4. Don't be surprised if youre purchase does not come with a care booklet. Not all items come with one. Just a heads up so that you wont think something is wrong..
  5. This is true, and I can't remember if all my purchases came with tags. :s
  6. ^^ Good to know. I might have misspoke about tags...did you mean tags attached to the exterior or tags which are tucked into inside pockets? On my post I meant the latter. Sorry if this caused any confusion.
  7. Monogram canvas items don't come with a care booklet. There is no care booklet for mono canvas. You'll get a box and possibly a dustbag. Certain wallets don't come with a dustbag, but I think the Koala is one that does. You should get the two tags. One has the model number and name on it. The other has the materials of the wallet listed on it.

    I have only been able to purchase LV from eLuxury. I have also purchased a lot of non-LV items from them. I have been extremely satisfied with my experiences.
  8. Thank you all!!! I got my agenda with the refills today, it came with a box and dustbag but no tags. The condition and everything is fine. The agenda seems small but I still luv it!

  9. Enjoy it.. :yes:
  10. Congrats! I got an agenda but it didn't come with a dustbag, just a box.
  11. I've always been very satisfied with their service. For those of us not near a Louis Vuitton boutique or a dept. store that sells them, they are great. I would assume they include what you would receive if you bought it in person?

    About dustbags--at times when I've bought wallets (Tod's, BV, Chanel) they haven't had bags, just a cloth piece wrapped around the wallet in the box. I'd love to have a little dustbag for those, but I guess they assume the wallet will be in use and not stored.
  12. Elux is awesome, I order from them when I know exactly what I want. I believe all my items came with dustbags, tags, etc. except my wallet. My wallet came in a box too, as did my jasmin.
  13. If it originally comes with the tags, care booklets, then you will get it.

    I love buying through eluxury, most of the reps are so sweet!
  14. My agenda too! Just the box, and wrapped in paper with the brown LV sticker!