I had a paddy on NAP!!! Then I lost it!!!

  1. Okay I couldnt be more upset right now.

    I FINALLY got online when some more paddys were put there and put on in my basket etc, but then i went back to put in the free shipping code and then my computer freaked out said "cannot be displayed" and now it says "sold out"!!!

    I cannot tell you how upset I am :crybaby:

    Now I cant even view my basket!

    I guess its a sign..
  2. Were you trying to get the aubergine?

    I think a voguette just snapped it up - she said she was entering her cc details VERY quick;y
  3. No it was the dove, but could it still be in my basket? If i can get into the thing?
  4. that happened to me too the other day...for the aubergine paddy :hysteric:

    do you want to share your free shipping code? hehe
  5. I was told it was freeship1 but it may only be for 1st time NAP customers
  6. Wow how did you get that? I cant seem to find any more paddingtons there now
  7. Dear Bellacherie,

    I got a paddy this morning on NAP, but It was the gold one, i'm glad to have not taken yours !
  8. Yes its night time over here but yes it was at the same time. Its okay though, It means I can get the chocolate which I what I've been looking for. If you see anymore places that have online sales (I'm in Australia) please do give me a shout out. Cheers
  9. Of course.:yes:
    But wich one are you searching for ? Only the chocolate or the dove too?
  10. Well the dove was my 2nd option as the chocolate is so hard to come by. I'm looking for the 06 chocolat. Thanks! You must be very excited about your new items. Cant wait for you to post pics!
  11. Hi bellacherie,
    so sorry for you, Dove is still coming up as out of stock.

    I think its abit unfair of NAP actually. Now that the 50% discount has ended, the aubergine and gold paddy are back in stock, so they obviously did have some returns but have decided to not let anybody else get the chance to have them before they went back to full price!
  12. I saw that too. I was wondering about that. I assumed they were selling some of them to make way for 07 models
  13. Knowing the profits the Net-A-Porter.com" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert" rel="nofollow">Net-A-Porter makes, I dare say the sale price was a fair bit above cost. (Still trying to get over my disapointment)
  14. Bella, I have to say, a better one will totally come along!!! I mean look at all the regrets we have seen over the tobacco and aubergine purchases just for the sake of a sale.

    Wait for the right bag and it will find you, I promise!! :yes::cool:

    There are actually a fair number of auth ones on eBay right now if you are looking for a deal.

    Hang in there and enjoy the hunt!!! :wlae: