I had a nightmare...

  1. I had the worst nightmare last night that the economy started to fall apart and suddenly my Hermes bags were no longer worth what they once were. Birkins were only worth $1,000 (at best) due to world financial unrest, and kelly bags were worth almost nothing. Then, you almost couldn't sell one if your life depended on it. Yikes!!! At $25k, $15k, $9k and $6.5k a pop, in all different colors...they add up to a crazy number!

    Yes it was only a dream and yes we all love our bags for what they are and how beautifully they are handmade and their special qualities. But suppose it was reality. How would you react??? And while it is just a dream now, what if terrorism strikes again and that really did happen. it could. does this make you view your collection any differently?
  2. And to top off this off, i have started to worry about them putting birkins out on the shelves too. we all want to be able to buy what we want but part of the lure of them is their exclusivity and how difficult they are to obtain. that's not why i collect them - but they do make me feel special in a little bit of a shallow way. if hermes changes its pattern and to make more money they let the floodgates loose and stock birkins left and right out in the open, think of the flood of customers that will run in and buy it all after all the hype. what then? i won't love mine any less but their worth may go down. sigh. the kelly is probably what got me started thinking on all this. it's 6-7k in the store. once you bring it home, nobody wants to pay above 4 or 5 to take it off your hands. thank goodness i love my kelly bags anyway.
  3. Oh my! SCARY!!!! Did you wake up in a panic?! :sweatdrop:

    The good news is that the economy always bounces back! :smile: Even though sometimes it takes longer than one would like.

    Your dream sort of reminds me of the SATC episode when Carrie needs money for a down payment on a condo..."you mean I have $45K worth of Manolos?!" :nuts:

    I don't have any H bags just yet, but I do have a decent collection of scarves...and I think because each one has a certain significance to me and makes me feel like a million bucks each time I wear one (most important!!), I will always treasure them like gold, regardless of their market value! :love:
  4. HMMMM...so would this make Lindy's cheaper?:graucho:
    In all seriousness, I would hate to see that happen and I will probably never get a Birkin. But I know this and I am content to admire all of yours and the other ladies' beauties.

    But we all know that wealth doesn't buy class - there are some poorer ladies out there that could rock a Birkin and give it a great life, and there are people like Britney Spears that can buy Birkins and Kellys and they look sad and forlorn on her arm.
  5. What a nightmare, HC! Unless your liquid assets are limited to your Hermes bags, don't worry that pretty head of yours.
  6. No, it doesn't. I look at my Hermes purchases as luxury meant to be enjoyed today. It's a little strange as one of the reasons I love Hermes so much is the quality and the fact that it's meant to last and the thought of passing my bags down to my daughters is a lovely one that I hope to be able to do. But it's not the main, second or third reason I buy Hermes. It doesn't factor in my decision.

    Life can be too short or too long depending on how you look at it but either way I'm determined to enjoy it today ;)

    That said I probably would have woken up from that dream in a sheer panic, lol. Have you recovered?
  7. I did wake up very unsettled! And the $45k worth of manolos episode did make me take stock of my own wardrobe, etc. My shoe collection isn't quite 45k, but it's up there. Then add the few pieces of jewelry I do have, you know me, only the best! but i have been very careful not to buy too much jewelry, only the very basics - leaving that for future mcsmoochies etc. LOL.
  8. True! I have paid way more than boutique price for scarves on eBay, and I am sure I couldn't recoup the prices...but they are scarves that I wouldn't get rid of any way because I just LOVE them!!

    Do you really think H would open the Birkin flood gates?! I always thought that they couldn't make them that fast. Besides, I get the sense that the vast majority of folks wouldn't pay $6-7K for a bag....but, maybe I am wrong....:s
  9. LOL I am pretty much recovered and felt much better after I took all my bags out and patted them a little bit! And no, they're not my sole source of investment (and i hope you all don't think i am shallow for worrying about this), i just need to see it through others' eyes i suppose...looking for moral support/enabling etc. or the plain truth.
  10. That's what life is all about, right?! If you don't spoil yourself....who will?! That's my philosophy and I am stickin' to it!! ;)
  11. I think it's very unlikely....but on another thread in the last day or so somebody pointed out "They want to make money." What better strategy than to hype up the birkin for five or ten years and then when everybody is foaming at the mouth for them, make them available? Just like chevre and box leather. They've been in short supply for orders...and I've seen five or six ladies in the past two weeks come up with black box birkins - including myself!

    So I think it's unlikely.....but nothing in life is guaranteed. That's what freaked me out and got me started on my dream I think.
  12. My SO keeps warning me that exactly what you described will happen, HC... scary thought but you can't take money with you anyway and I get so much enjoyment out of my bags that I'd just have to deal... *gulp*
  13. LOL I totally agree with you - but I remember spoiling myself with my first birkin, oh my!!! How grand that was. But then when the addiction kicked in, and then the exotic fascination kicked in...we all know I was a dead duck :yes:

    This is me dipping my toe into the "less is more" pool perhaps. Oh I am dreading it.
  14. Aha, somebody else fears this too - now the question is if and when that does happen, how stupid will I feel with my $200k handbag collection (hypothetical number mind you!). Now the true fear comes out in the open. Be gentle.
  15. ^^Hypothetical eh? :graucho: :roflmfao:

    My SO says I'll feel like a moron for having expensive things when the economy crashes sometime in our lifetime and I have all these "worthless" bags.... hence why he hates my bag obsession.... but they'll never be worthless to me! They are milestones for me, accomplishments, each one. Especially each piece of H.