i had a nightmare last night...

  1. I wasnt too sure where to stick this so i thought it would be best for it to go here... :amuse:

    Anyway, just before the marketplace closed down, i snagged myself a Chanel Cambon bowler/bowling bag - black with white cc's! I'm SO excitied - my first chanel piece and i cant wait to take her out!!!:love:

    So, this is what i dreamt last night...
    my chanel bag arrived at my house - i thought, "geez, that was quick and i was glad that it was waiting at the post office depot for me" but it arrived in a normal A4 envelope! :Push: i opened up the envelope and got the chanel piece out and it was all squashed and flat as a pancake! :lol: and then the white cc's fell off! :roflmfao: i opened up the bag and there was another bag inside it - just a small bag one! i was like, "what is going on here?" i was so confused i woke up!!!!
    When i woke up all i could think about was, i better write this down and let you girls know!!! :lol:
    I know my Chanel piece is going to be ok! hehehe! im just so excitied i cant wait!!!

    What about you??? have you had any nightmares about your bags??? Please feel free to share them! :smile:
  2. LOL, that's funny. You're probably too excited about receiving your bag!
  3. lol Aw! Poor thing! Hm. I might of had some nightmares about my bags, but I cant remember (I say 'I might' because I've woken up with a strong urge to take my bags out their dustbags and just look at them before, lol).

    So excited for you and your new Chanel!
  4. I have to admit that's kind of funny. I bet it wasn't so funny when you woke up, though. The only kind of nightmare I have had about my bags is one in which I am out in public and a purse-snatcher takes off with my bag.
  5. I've never had a bag nightmare (but many a sleepless night thinking about one!)
  6. You're too funny, HelenNZ! I know most of us have had dreams about handbags but not nightmares! You're bag will arrive in good condition. Not to worry my friend.;)
  7. So true!:lol:
  8. thats a real nightmare.. but I am sure that ur bag is just fine.. it would be wonderful.... kinda wierd to have a dream about it though..lol
  9. Awwwww...that is too funny! Your bag should be ok!
  10. Aw you poor thing, hehe. I love how you told the story. I just laughed when you said the white CCs just fell off. I'm glad it's only a dream though otherwise it wouldn't be funny at all.

    So, when are you expecting your Chanel?? I'm excited for you! Must be any day now, right?
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