I had a little bit of a heart attack today!

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  1. I picked up my Camel Patent Audrey to go home and realised that this morning I had dripped some coffee on my bag from my to go coffee cup! :nuts: I was so worried, thinking how it had sat on there all day and imagining colour transfer that would always be on my beloved HG. It all wiped off though thank god!
  2. Glad everything worked out.
  3. gotta love patent!
  4. Yay for patent!
  5. I sure am happy I own a Patent bag now..Nice to know they are so easy to care for, especially with little one's...
  6. Ahh the wonders of patent!
  7. Whew..Glad all is well. Good ole patent.
  8. Now that you can breathe again, I am so glad it came off.
  9. The beauty of patent!! :smile:
  10. So glad you opted to carry a patent bag today!
  11. :sweatdrop: I am glad it came of that is the great thing about PNT LEather