I had a listing removed of a Gucci I bought on Ebay!!??


Sep 25, 2006
Hello Ladies!

Newbie here..Great boards here!

Sorry my first post is a rant, but Im still livid about this
episode that happened a month ago..

I bought a Gucci bag on Ebay from a seller I trust and have bought 2 other items from..a Gucci dress and a Versace dress.
After winning the bag, I later found a bag I liked better, and relisted the one I bought, including several closeups of the hardward, photos of the inside etc. The bag had a card inside, and it was numbered as well.

The listing was taken down immediately.:cursing: This was
a slap in my face as I have integrity and would never sell
anything fake. Dishonest people digust me.
I have about 50 feed backs, 100% positive, both selling and buying, almost all of which are high end items..

I sent them an email stating that I had bought the item on Ebay 6 weeks prior, and told them that by taking my listing down, they knowingly sold me a fake product, and I would like to know how they came to this conclusion, as I would want a refund from the original seller. They responded by saying they cant catch all the items etc..
and some slip by etc..:confused1:

This has really soured me on the whole Ebay experience,
which was a kind of fun little side thing for me to do..
They should really look into the feedback a person has, what type of items they buy and sell..if a person is spending a lot on high end items, this should be an indication that there's a good chance the item they list is authentic..
also, I listed a lot of photos..to show Im not hiding anything.
They really need to reevaluate their policies.
I don't even think they look into the reports on possible fake items being sold, I think they just automatically remove the listing to avoid problems.
I recently bought a Gucci dress from a seller who had 3 Gucci dresses up for bidding, two were the same style, different colors..
Ebay removed one telling the seller it wasnt real, but left the identical one that I bought up(??!!):confused1: :confused1:
Actions like this really makes them look like idiots..

As for my bag's listing, I would understand the item being taken down if I were a newbie..but I feel my reputation speaks for itslf.

Sorry for the rant.:hysteric:
Has this ever happened to any of you?
An item you bought was removed after relisted it?

What would happen if I listed it again?:idea:
Would my account be suspended?

Thankyou for listening!
I do feel better now:sweatdrop:



May 27, 2006
Ahhh, welcome to the joys of Ebay. Happen to me also. I had Gucci bags listed, they removed every one of them - now they remove all my bags ...none stay up at all. I had Gucci wallets listed and shoes, they didn't touch them! Sickening. I really don't want to sell on Ebay anymore for this reason. I never know when I'm gonna log on to my Ebay account to find everything removed!! I have over 1000 feedback and was a powerseller, they don't even care about that at all!

They just don't know what they are doing half the time!:cursing:


Nov 4, 2006
hi, i'm really sorry this happened to you. i know those scums that sell fakes make it worst for everyone. They degrade the name of many great designer bags and the image of many honest sellers. However, i don't think it's only ebay that scours for fakes to take the listings down. I think most of the time it is up to other members, or VeRO members, to report fakes. I've also learned that Ebay does not care what anyone's feedback says, but as long as the rating is not beyond low with multiple offenses, relative to the quantity of transactions they have, those members are fine. They really have to develop a better system, though, because so many innocent ebay-ers have to suffer. To answer your questions about relisting it, i'd suggest you not to do so until they allow it because it can lead to being kicked out of ebay. You can try giving ebay an email at whyended@ebay.com to get a better description on why it was ended. If you are sure it is authentic, ask what you can show to prove that it is authentic. I'm sorry this is so long, and might sound confusing to you. Good luck!


Dec 22, 2006
Hello to everyone and Merry Christmas,
I'm a newbie here, but i'm "old" to ebay :smile:)
I am SO SO glad to see i wasn't going crazy and that other people went through what i went on ebay....

Everything was cool (spite the hundreds of spams i was getting from chinese aaaaall day long, without ebay acutally doing anything to prevent this) until a month ago when ebay started removing my listings; And they started with Gucci...

And everytime a listing was removed i was getting this pathetic and ambiguous email from ebay that was saying "trademark infrigment" = listings removal.

And everytime i was writing back to ebay and asking them what exactly that means considering that i was a powerseller (i became a powerseller at feedback 170 something, which means that i was only selling authentic and EXPENSIVE enough items), i was only selling genuine items and that i wasn't "harming" any Gucci or Ebay policy as long as the pictures and description of the GENUINE items were mine.

Their emails ALWAYS had a link that was redirecting me to the VeRo policies, counterfeit items....which could only mean that to them, spite my sales, fees paid, money brought to ebay (i can only imagine that my 15000 dollars was a drop in the sea considering the billions they make every year) i was a dishonest seller, a fraudulous person selling 1000 dollars fakes. And boy was i good at it as no one EVER complained that i screwed them :smile:))
I even wrote to the VeRo member who represents Gucci.....what a joke that was, never responded to my email, never justified their actions

* * * If you didn't know, Powerseller or not, honest or fraud, when it comes to VeRo members complaining to Ebay, you don't stand a chance, the Law demands Ebay to do as told by Vero, so even if they are wrong and the abusively remove your listings Ebay never investigates further to see if VeRo is right * * *

Apparently my endless emails and explanations didn't help too much, i can even say that they probably made things worse because after having my listings removed for a week, on a daily basis, my account got suspended.

Which basically meant: 30 listings lost, hundreds of pictures removed, description removed, hours of work lost, a week suspension around Holidays when shopping is hectic meant money lost........

And the worse was to come.....

In a week i got my account back, but i had no listings left, no photos, no texts, nothing.....And when i took a closer look, i saw that my store was gone too.

And that's when ebay went too far. The store was "built" by me, i had made the graphics, the design, the text, i had to pay someone (a hosting site that charged me 100 dollars) to finish the store front, as HTML is not my major. And all that was lost....

I was angry, frustrated and disgusted. I was alone fighting against this organizations that is Ebay, i felt like i was talking to a wall.

And next day after my account was reinstalled, Ebay "wrote":

Dear Dia,

Thank you for writing eBay in regard to your account suspension.

After reviewing your listing, we determined that it was removed by
mistake. We have now reinstated the item and your account. I apologize
for any frustration this may have caused you.

It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing eBay.


I rest my case,

If you ever feel like online shopping, you can find me on ebay at: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you to everyone that took their time to read this,



Labrador Lover
Oct 4, 2006
Just as an FYI, if you are listing things that ebay tends to yank, copy and paste the text into a word document otherwise you will lose all your hard work! And don't be surprised if, after oking relisting, that they yank it again.


Dec 22, 2006
Just as an FYI, if you are listing things that ebay tends to yank, copy and paste the text into a word document otherwise you will lose all your hard work! And don't be surprised if, after oking relisting, that they yank it again.
I have subscribed to a hosting site where i have all my listings, all my photos and all my text.

But that still won't change how ebay "treated" me as an ebay seller.
The sadest part is that we need ebay more than ebay needs us....


Dec 22, 2006
Hi, thank you for your reply :smile:
My account is reinstated now and i have listed 12 items :smile:
You can see them on ebay.com at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx2nd reference to your own eBay removed, please do not post your won ID or auctions here
I have things that are not listed yet, but the weather's not great here so i can't take any pictures.
Jul 3, 2006
Just thought you should know, you are not allowed to post your e-bay ID on the forums and there is no solicitation allowed. I'm sorry this happened to you and wish you the best.


Dec 22, 2006
I'm sorry, i had no idea...i saw that people talk about ebay and i didn't know that posting the ID is forbidden....
Thanks for letting me know :smile:

Happy Holidays,



Sep 15, 2006
You are not the only ones...you should read a certain seller's me page send me a PM if you want to know since we cannot reveal seler IDs here)...it really opened my eyes to eBay!!

They were a great thing going for a few years, then they invested in eBay China and invited all the chinese fakers in (no offence to the rest of the honest and ethical Chinese people), and then they take it out on the honest sellers???? I really don't get it with eBay...good luck to all you honest sellers who are having a tough time...hang in there!


Everyone Loves Greentruth
Jul 20, 2006
New York
Hi sorry that happened to you, but I myself have reported people to ebay and put them on blast on this site. Sometimes I come across something and its just soooo fake and I feel bad for the people who may think that its real. I email the person with questions regarding the bag, where the ID number is located, a pic of the ID number etc. They get reported because they cant backup their item and can only say "100% auth or money back" who wants their money back? Anyways in some ways I am glad that ebay is cracking down on people but on the other side sometimes people with auth items get caught up.


Dec 27, 2006
Well, right now there is a seller on Ebay selling obviously FAKE Gucci Bardot bags.

The seller wants $529 for a fake Bardot.

The seller's is: bulana.

This seller has two fakes up right now.

Ebay kicks off good sellers and pampers counterfeiters.


Jan 12, 2006
hey, last warning on your foul language, it's NOT permitted here and this is teh 2nd time I've had to edit your post.