I had a huge scare at the Coach store!

  1. I took my bag in for repair. I left it with the girl at the front so she can fill out the forms, and I wandered off. When I turned around, all 5 SAs were crowded around the counter and looking at my bag.

    I freaked, and an alarm went off "oh God, my bag is a fake! I brought a fake into the Coach store." Then I remembered "wait, bought it Dillard's, can't be a fake. What are they doing?"

    Turned out they were just impressed with how well the bag has held up.
  2. Oh, for anyone who is interested, Coach store will take Coach watches too and send them off to Movado for repairs.
  3. LOL I would have freaked out too! :yes:
  4. i would have freaked out as well o.o
  5. Good thing they were just admiaring your bag!!!
  6. Thats funny, what bag is it?
  7. You can also take them directly to Movado as well. My mall has Coach and Movado so we just went there directly when my Mom needed a new battery in her Coach watch.
  8. LOL! Glad your scare turned out to be a false alarm.
  9. Cute bag. I have that same one in orange.
  10. ohhh wait a min...they do battery changes in the store or do they have to send it out??? one of my watches need a new battery!
  11. The Coach store would send it off. But I imagine you can get the name of an authorized repair shop from Movado.
  12. What a funny story!! I would have freaked out too!
  13. thanks titania!!! :smile: