I had a great deal!


Nov 26, 2006
Hong Kong
So, I know that the Epi Speedy in Yellow and Toledo Blue is already discontinued, so I have no choice but to look on the preloved ones... And I got a great deal with them! Since I got a new job today, I have to celebrate it! :biggrin: My two new additions to my growing family! And.. Pretty much, that's it for me... I'll keep my waitlist waiting until I decided to go on a vacation and buy a Keepall 45 with straps before having a vacation.. And a cigarette case in monogram too! :biggrin:


Material Me

OOOhhhhh, I love them both!! Especially the blue! (I have the matching noe in the blue). You got a great deal! I can't wait to get a job so I can add to my collection!