I had a fabulous day with my DH at the coast...reveal to follow!

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  1. Well I had to return a pair of jeans to Lincoln City, and what trip to the coast is complete without a stop by the Coach factory store?
    Unfortunately it was raining outside, but inside was pure sunshine!!!!

    I had some gift cards to burn and had a hankering for some natural colored leather. The first thing that caught my eye was a medium ergo tote, I tried it on and loved the color but the medium looked off on me. Then I spied her! :wtf:

    What do you think I found???
  2. A large ergo tote! In camel!
  3. something bleecker???
  4. Something Legacy? Ali perhaps?
  5. Spill the beans, girl!
  6. Well I was admiring all these other things in the store...picked up a baby Carly but am holding out for one with the gold or bronze trim.

    I'm dreaming about natural leather and legacy, and I think I was walking in my dream? I'm not sure...
  7. Natural Ali!!! Oh, and I love baby Carly!! It's the only one I can carry!
  8. So I had seen many Alis revealed on here and was happy for everyone, didn't really care either way if I ever ended up with one or not (how blase, I know!) They looked kind of large for the style and I thought that I had preferred the slim flap. Well guess what they had!

    I tried it on and DH said that it was simple, and even though it was smaller than most of my other bags I would still be able to put everything in it except an umbrella...

    Of course when I was walking around with it on I was flocked by literally all the SA's in the store telling me how wonderful it was (hee hee, I knew that already!)
  9. So with the markdowns and the 20% off additional, plus the gift cards I had, I only paid $50 out of pocket :supacool:
  10. Crap I guess you guys want to see pics huh?:shrugs:
    ali1.JPG ali2.JPG ali3.JPG ali4.JPG ali5.JPG
  11. ahhh and it's the slim one... how cute!!!!!
  12. Oh wow. It's gorgeous. :love:
  13. LOL!! OK, so just post the pics! I gotta get to bed so I'll check up on you first thing in the morning! :sleepy: ;)
  14. I also got some new sweats and sweaters from American Eagle for 10 bucks each! :yahoo:
  15. Oh, yay! You found a slim flap! I have it in white and love it! I sent back my natural, I didn't use it but love it in white! Is that natural or camel? Looks like camel in your pictures! Congratulations! It's very pretty and looks great on you!

    btw, your doggie is so cute staring up at you in your modeling photo! LOL!