i had a dream

  1. that my H bag broke- the handle snapped off! What?!?! Does anyone else have "nightmares" about their bag? lol!
  2. no nightmares,only dreams:love:
  3. Just happy dreams about that call from my SA saying that my Birkin is finally here.... it's a nightmare waking up from it and NO CALL!
  4. I had the weirdest dream the other night. I was in an H boutique and wanted a belt. They had a bunch of belts hanging there but I was not allowed to touch any. Then the store manager, some kind of 'hip' guy, said, I have to try the belt ends first with a scarf. So he brought some belt ends and a grey lozange scarf (wouldn't have been my choice, personally). I was not impressed. Then he sat us all down and did some kind of workshop on RTW, miraculously I had become part of the team... the rest I forgot.
    Weird, huh? I DO want a belt and I also have been looking for those belt ends (the ones available from Asprey, but H apparently has them as well) forever..... I also like a Lozange scarf, but not as a belt.