I had a dream...

  1. First I'd like to start by saying that's I've always loved Balenciaga's, but never thought I'd want one for myself. I thought they'd just be something I admired from afar. Until the other night!! I dreamed I was in Vegas, and had a brand new B-bag to show off. My friends and I get to the casino, and for some reason they made us check our bags!! (WTF?) So at the end of the night we go to get our bags and coats, and they GAVE my b-bag to someone else by accident. I started freaking out, and my friends are all being sympathetic because my wallet, etc. were in the bag. However, all I could think was, 'Screw the wallet! My b-bag is missing!!!' Needless to say, it was a miserable nightmare I thought you ladies would get a kick out of.

    Since the dream, all I can think about is getting a b-bag now! :upsidedown:
  2. I think it's "FREUDian" : you need a B-bag in emergency :roflmfao: !!
  3. I know! I don't really even know too much about b-bags. For a while I sort of wanted a Twiggy, but then eventually let go of the idea...I'm gonna have to start doing some research!!
  4. well, you're in the right place now! the twiggy is fabulous!
  5. lol! Its gonna be OK!

    I've had bbag dreams too! I had one last week where an anis twiggy popped up on eBay for 799 BIN and I was asleep so I missed it! and someone bought it and no one recognized the name so it just disappeared! total nightmare...

    I've had others too, I so need bbag therapy.
  6. the dream is pretty scary.....
    but glad it made you wanna get a b-bag
  7. Yeah! I can't wait to start looking! Woo hoo!
  8. How funny! I've had many B-bag dreams...I think its part of the obsession :nuts:
  9. i dreamt once that i was in mary kate and ashley olsen's bag closet! i was running around petting all their bbags - comparing the leather from the different years. i remember wanting to take one of the bags (2004 seafoam city), "they won't notice, they have so many..." but then copped out at the last second b/c i didn't want bad bag karma for stealing. i woke up right then...