I had a dream last night...

  1. That I had a Day bag!

    I've never ever considered this style as it seems kinda longish for me... but in my dream it was really comfy and I loved it...

    I adore the Brief, and then the Twiggy style. I've also had a City before.

    I'm 5'2 and chunkyish...

    Do you think the Day would suit? Is it really hard to find stuff in it because it is (or seems) so long. It looks like the kind of bag you might have to "try before you buy"

    Thoughts? :confused1:
  2. I didn't think I'ld like the day style until I tried it on at Bal SG. It slouches so nicely, and doesn't seem all that long once it's on the shoulder.

    I have 2 "day" bbags coming, you're welcome to "try" before you buy one - we can have a coffee and fondle each other's bbags ;)
  3. Haha you're too sweet! Fondle...lol, and that sooo what you do with them:roflmfao:

    How tall are you if you dont mind me asking? What other bags do you have in your collection?
  4. The day is great! I'm 5'2-1/2" and a medium frame (larger than size 4) and it's a perfect size for me - even when I don't wear heels!
  5. I'd get a day style ONLY if it were super rare colors like Magenta 05 and Dk Turquoise. I'm scared too to try it out since N/S bags make me frustrated!
  6. Hee hee yeah, i love using the word 'fondle' when talking about bbags. Obviously, I *have* a problem.

    I'm 1.68m, rarely wears heels.

    Currently, I've got:

    06 Ink Work
    06 Grey WE
    07 Mogano City
    07 SGH Black City (just arrived today)
    05 Pewter Day (on its way)
    06 Blue India Day (on it's way)

    Am on the list for 08 Magenta SGH Day, 08 BG PT RH or silver giant hobo, 08 vert thyme slim, 08 sahara giant hobo in silver.
  7. I have a City and a Day and love them both. I don't find the Day to be too long, though it was a concern of mine pre-purchase. I think that the Day stays on the shoulder much better than the shoulder, so it's a hit for me (though I still love the City).
  8. I think the Day bag is fabulous b/c it looks good with very little or a good deal of stuff in it. I'm somewhere between 5'2" and 5'4"...and I think it looks good on me and I'm between a size 8 and 10 depending on the designer.

    Here's a trick if you're worried about the depth of the Day bag, fold up a thin wrap/shawl and place it in the bottom of the bag. Not only does it give you something warm to wear if you need it, all the contents is cushioned and higher up towards the top.
  9. ^^ How smart!! Genius! fashionc i have the same concern as u. Someday i might try "Day" but i'd get a Part time first.
  10. The Day style in RH looks a bit to casual on me...I am down for a Sahara SGH Day and I am excited about that. I tried on a Vert Gazon Giant Day today and it certainly has more structure than the RH...The handle is thicker, the leather also seems thicker and heavier and the giant hardware makes it hold it's shape a lot more. I am soo excited...Give the Day bag a go!!!
  11. I just received a Black GSH Day, & love it! I also thought it was going to be too big and long, but it is a perfect size! I am 5'5". I measured the bag from the top of the shoulder strap to the bottom of the bag, and it was 23" long, which is what most of my other bags are. You might want to measure a few of your bags that you like, to see if they are within the same parameters.

    Good luck!
  12. Hmmmm... sounds like the Day bag might be for me.

    I would use it as a casual everyday bag.

    I'll be in Sydney next month, so I might pop in to Cosmopolitan Shoes to check one out!

    Realdeal your idea was awsome, thanks for that!

    Thanks for all the advice!
  13. I have the day GGH, great bag and really cute, but when I go to grab a bag to wear, its not my first choice.
  14. The Day is my favorite style, I dream about them every night! :shame:
  15. How funny. What a cute dream. I only have nightmares, :sad: