I had a Coach moment with a customer today...


Mar 23, 2007
Buffalo, New York
So... I work in a retail store and this lady who I have seen in the store before (with her leather Felicia bag), but have never waited on- spoken to-came to my counter...

I said "Oh I love your Coach bag"...

She said "WOW how did you know it was Coach no one has said anything to me about it since I got it."

I said because of the lining pretty much was a dead givaway and the stamp but first you see the lining I think... and then we both said tattersall at the same time... LOL

And I told her I am obsessed and know practically every style that comes out...

And she said she had about 10 bags and she wants the Elisa next.

She asked what I had and I said I have had a lot of bags but have sold them to get the Speedy 30 and she said "OH that must be beautiful!"

I told her I have the Leigh in signature.

But she did say

"Have you ever been to NYC and bought the bags off the street?"

I said no I don't like fake bags...

She said well I get them for my daughter because I know they are fake but no one else can tell unless they are really into the brand.

(She then drags her daughter over and tells her I am a Coach Obsessed person like her, and shows me her knock-off D&G bag LOL)

But it was cute- the whole convo! I was all giddy after that because she actually KNOWS Coach--- Even though she buys fakes..

She said well I might have to keep coming back to this store since we had this convo!

I wanna go shopping with her to Coach! HAHA... I have no one around me that shares my obsessiveness and love for Coach and other brands!

Well just thought I'd share!


Feb 5, 2008
Las Vegas, NV
That was interesting that even though she knows Coach she still deals with fakes, even if it is for her daughter. Well kids don't need real Coach until they're old enough to really appreciate them, anyways.
Nov 24, 2006
I didn't think much of people buying fakes until I read in this article that besides the huge amount of taxable money the government loses, the money made off of fakes were used to support terrorist groups :shocked:.