I had a choice today

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  1. between buying a splendid bag or puppy! We chose two puppies today. A male Tibetan Spaniel and a lab/terrier mix. So cute. We're going to have a handful but wanted to share that with you all.

    I did a dreadful thing today though. I was holding the Tibetan outside the store and I was told not to put the puppy on the ground since he had not gone through all his shots yet. I dropped the poor thing on the ground and he ended up splayed on the ground. I was horrified along with other people. Not a good thing. I'll post pics later. Anyone know anything about Tibetans or tibbis as they are known? I saw on line that they tend to act like cats, i.e. like being on high places looking out the window, LOL.
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    You dropped a puppy?? WTF?! Is this for real??!!

    You shouldn't buy pets from a "pet store", you are supporting puppy mills and irresponsible breeding. If you really want a particular breed of dog, find a reputable breeder, or a rescue organization.
  3. I agree...puppy stores are horrible! And I really hope you're joking about dropping the puppy. And it's a bit weird that your choices were: 1 bag vx 2 puppies (as if they were accessories as well?)
  4. :dftt: I think someone is trying to start drama.
  5. All I can say is that this is going to be an *interesting* thread... let the battle begin!
  6. I think a Mod should close this thread. There are plenty of other "puppy mill," pet store and breeder and breeding-bashing threads upon which to burn some bandwidth.

    It looks like the Search is back up. I beg you to please use it.
  7. Im closing this..
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.