I had a celebrity (and handbag) citing this weekend!

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  1. A couple of my girlfriends and I decided to take a weekend trip to Napa. We were wine tasting at Stag's Leap when a small group came in and took a spot at the tasting table near us. I was checking out the two women's bags. I was admiring one of the women's black YSL Muse. I pointed it out to my friend Katie (who happens to be a HUGE fan of Seinfeld). We were taking to an older couple when the man said to me that he thought "the girl from Seinfeld" was in the group next to us. I looked and sure enough, it was Julia Louis Dreyfus carrying the YSL Muse!!! :nuts: She was with her husband and a few other people. The funny thing is that I had another celebrity citing with the other friend I was with years ago at a restaurant in NYC. We were seated at a table near Jerry Seinfeld. We didn't try to talk to her or get a picture. I hate doing that kind of thing and so does Katie. I'm surprised my other friend didn't try to get a picture since she is a celebrity nut!
  2. It's funny that you saw the bag before you saw the "celebrity". :smile:
  3. That would have made my day!
  4. I LOVE "Elaine"!!! She's my fav from Seinfeld. My dad is also a seinfeld fan (it's out nightly ritual, him and I sit on the couch and we always watch an episode. We have all the seasons that are out on DVD) anyways,we saw Jason Alexander (George Costanza) at Disneyland a few years ago..they seem like nice people
  5. what fun, you never know who you will run into!!!
  6. Precisely why I knew I had to post this to you guys. I knew you all would see the humor in it. ;)
  7. I am the same way. I would probably recognize the handbag before I would recognize the celebrity. I drive my boyfriend nuts, because I always point out different bags when we go somewhere.
  8. It's fun when you see a celebrity like that. Once back in the early 90's, we were at a Mexican restuarant in the Pacific Northwest and saw Linda Evans come in (from Dynasty). She sat right next to my step-daughter, who was about 10 at the time, on the benches waiting for a table!
  9. How fun! It's funny how sometimes I noticed a person's bag before I notice their face.... haven't seen any celebrity sightings recently, just Traci Lords and Jeffrey Tambor this month, and I didn't notice their bags!

  10. haha.. agreed!
  11. ^ :roflmfao: I live in LA and am just celebrity-retarded, never see them! And thithi I LOVE jeffrey tambor! I would totally ask for a pic with george sr hehe.