I had a BLAST at my very first LV event!!

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  1. So even after working for 10 hours since 7 AM and only having had 2 hours of sleep (3:30 AM to 5:30 AM!!) I still managed to stay wide awake and had tons of fun at my very first private LV event!!!

    I could go on pages about it...so I'm summarizing everything:

    - met blushingbaby, Vista, Jazzie (although I've seen Jazzie before at LV); we had tons of fun looking at stuff together!

    - oh myyyy were the appetizers GOOD. The champagne was good too. Since I didn't have a real meal at all today I had only had two glasses...the chocolate truffles were my favourite!!

    - lots of SS07 bags: LOVE (1) totes, patchwork denim, olympe, etc...saw most of these in Hong Kong already so no surprise but it's good to see them here in Calgary!

    - Amarante is GORGEOUS!!! I love it!!! Fingerprints do show up REALLY easily and I was handling the French Purse VERY carefully...but I'd rather worry about fingerprints than colour transfer. This colour gets a :tup::tup: from me! I think I'm definitely going to try to get a French Purse in this colour. The colour does kind of look like coca cola in LV lighting!

    - Sunset Boulevard...speechless!! It is SO pretty IRL and not as small as I anticipated. It has 6 (I think?) CC slots, a zip pocket, and a pretty wide interior. It fit Jazzie's super bulky cell phone no problem and I think it still had room for lip gloss, compact, cash, cards, cles, etc...Jazzie...I'll let you share your news regarding this :graucho: I'm definitely getting this later on this year when the winter parties are coming up. I have no use for this now but will later on! I think amarante would be great, I'm scared of colour transfer for the perle

    - saw Summit Drive but not the other popincourt-like one (not sure of name??) Still not a fan of it.

    - I loveeee the amarante inclusion...dark but not as dark as the vernis version. I'm definitely getting an inclusion PM bracelet and maybe the barrette GM too.

    - no Love 2 totes preview but manager still is quoting the 15th as the release date. I'm supposed to call that day to see if they're in!

    - lots of ladies going crazy with purchases!

    - Other items showcased: new MC bags, new epi Bourget bags, Ivoire, sunglasses available (but I didn't see any), Neverfull, and some other things...

    - my RAOK buddy surprised me by having the manager giving me this at the very beginning:


    Again, thank you SO MUCH...once I buy something with it, I will post here what the GC went towards...it was sooo sweet of you!!!!

    And last of all...the staff was so friendly, and the manager's LV coat was sooooo nice!!! I'm not sure what it's called, but it's grey, fuzzy and has "embossed" mini LV monogram print. Any guys know what it's called? Jazzie? blushingbaby?? Jazzie asked him, "Can I pet you??"
  2. So happy for you :nuts: :yahoo:
  3. Wow! Sounds like you had quite the good time! Excellent!! :yahoo:
  4. awh awesome! glad you had so much fun! and i would have been jumping up and down with a gift from a RAOK buddy i could use at LV!!

    i hope i hope i hope i get to go to an event this christmas!!!!
  5. Wow!!! It sounds like you had a blast!!!

    How nice of your RAOK buddy!!! :love:
  6. Sounds like so much fun..! Wish there are some pix though. :p
  7. Glad you had great time!!! Thanks for all the updates, I will DEFINATELY have the Sunset Blvd on my mind now!!!
  8. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I didn't have any champagne because I was driving but the food was great! There wasn't as much in Edmonton as there was in Calgary. I did see a sergeant. It was ok but not my thing. They had a lot of dentelle and one olympe and a patchwork demin speedy. The houston and reade in amarante and some wallets. I want the brentwood in amarante! Only an ursula in the mc and lots of neverfuls. It was great to get out and mingle! I hope they as me to another event!:smile:
  9. Awww... Congrats! Sounds like you had so much fun!
    I think the next LV event, I will need to bring a tPF buddy.
  10. I'm so glad you had so much fun Karmen! It was great hanging out with everyone.

    Yeah, Garth's jacket/blazerwas purrrr-pretty! I had to pet it...him a couple times. It was like a combination of velvet-meets-corduroy material embossed with monogram!

    I'll most likely post my new treat from peter tomorrow...need to sleep as I work in 3 hours!!!
  11. :roflmfao: I wonder if he will see this....

    Warning: Jazzie's new purchase is GORGEOUS...we were taking turns touch it, modeling it and playing with it...for over 15 minutes!!!
  12. I was there. It was an okay event, just like all the others. Nothing super spectacular although I was surprised they brought in a few Nimbus, one Stratus GM, and some Onatah's.

    The food was good except their wasn't very much variety..but it was still good.

    For new releases, sometimes they'll sell them earlier if your SA is willing to do it for you. I have done that before.
  13. Rocking!! :rochard:I"m so jealous!!

    Here's to the next event!! :drinks:
  14. What a great time, glad you had fun!
  15. How fun! And what a great buddy you have!