I had a baby too!! =)

  1. Today must be a great day for delivery! :yahoo: I got my Coco Cabas today too, along with my white YSL Muse bag! :wlae: I'm having problems posting pics...how do I make my pics smaller? As you can tell I'm not too computer savvy! LOL

    Jill, what color does it say on your tag? I think we have the same color!?

    Ok, feeling lame, I can't stop smelling my bag! It smells SOOOO good!
  2. Congrats!!! can't wait to see the pics:smile:
    I am still waiting on my cabas in khaki to come in......
  3. Sorry:sad:
  4. Congrats! :yahoo:

    I can never seem to get my pics small enough either. What you can do, if all else fails, is just copy and paste the link to your pictures.
  5. Congrats!!!! It must be in the water.
  6. awwwwwwww so happy 4u :biggrin:

    many congrats .. pics :biggrin:
  7. Nice. I am getting excited.