I HAAATE when people steal photos!

  1. I was on the Toronto classifieds and I saw a well used Louis Vuitton Ellipse PM for sale for $110. The price was a little sketchy but I thought the seller could've possibly been the husband, trying to sell for the wife, and didn't have much knowledge on LV... plus the bag looked borderline vintage. The photos looked good so I emailed the seller and asked for some more photos for verification. He sent more photos and the bag appeared to be authentic so I replied back saying I'll take it, and asked if I can pay him cash and meet up with him.

    That was earlier this afternoon.

    So... about 10 minutes ago I was on eBay, looking at the resale value of the Ellipse PM incase I decided to change my mind and sell it. I came upon an auction with the SAME PHOTOS he used to send me through email!!!!!! It wasn't his auction either because that seller was from Texas! I immediately emailed him and confronted him, and sent him the URL of the eBay auction so he can feel like an idiot!!


    Yeah, so ladies, please be careful when doing online transactions! I can't stress that enough because this isn't the first time it's happened to me before.