I guess you can have good handbag taste...

  1. ...even if your mom happens to be Courtney Love!:weird:
    That's a LV Multicolore Leonor, no?
  2. She also dresses in MJ by Marc a lot, too. Courtney's daughter has some cute taste a lot of the time and doesn't seem to dress too suggestive for her age.
  3. Wow, she really looks like her dad.
  4. I agree - she does look like her dad. I think she looks cute in this photo!
  5. I love that bag....darling.
  6. She looks cute. But I think she's still dressing a bit too mature for her age.
  7. She looks nice. She certainly dresses better than her mom has over the years. And, yes, she certainly does look a lot like her father.

    Oh, and that bag is the MC Leonor.
  8. nice bag
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